I4D, the Ethereum smart contract rewards token owners with dividends and referral bonuses

I4D is the latest entry into the cryptocurrency world that enables the investors to generate passive income. It is not an ICO or a crypto token but an Ethereum smart contract that can be purchased to earn dividends. Owners can also earn referral bonuses through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). What makes it different from traditional MLM is that it is based on the powerful blockchain technology which is open source and transparent. All parties are bound by a smart contract which even the developers can’t modify or terminate once it’s deployed, so the user’s investment is safe and perpetual.

The investors who purchase into I4D can start earning dividends immediately as 30% of all sales are paid out as a dividend. They can also generate additional commission by referrals and the commission rate usually ranges from 10%-30%, depending on the amount invested. The investors can directly market I4D to other people and even after they stop referring new members, they can earn commissions by the income generated by their invitees and further, their invitees and so on.

To participate in the program, the investors must purchase at least one I4D token. Depending on the tokens purchased, the participants are divided into silver, gold and platinum levels. Each player’s share of dividends is calculated in proportion to the number of I4D tokens they have. The token owners can invite others to join by sending them an invitation link and if anyone purchases I4D tokens through the invitation link, they will become their first subordinate and token holder will be rewarded from their purchase. Simultaneously, the token holders will also benefit from second level subordinates and so on.

All the investors can check their dividend, the details of I4D tokens owned by them and the number of subordinates in real-time. They can cash out their dividends in real-time. More information about the program can be found at their official website

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