60ml Aseptic Plastic Urine Container with Funnel for Lab Work Exclusively for Women

Bryams Medical Products offers a 60ml aseptic plastic urine container with a funnel for lab work exclusively for women. Each box contains 200 sets/sachets with 10 sets per pack. A set includes one 60ml aseptic plastic urine container, one pair of hand gloves and one disposable plastic funnel with a label.

Urine is the most commonly used sample for diagnostic testing, detection of drugs and monitoring of disease status. Since each disposable plastic funnel has a label, there’s no risk of getting the wrong sample. The aseptic plastic urine container from Bryams Medical Products is designed by a woman to make it easier for women to get their urine samples. Users only need to slide the urine container in the funnel so that it fits into the small elastic hole and place the funnel around the toilet bowl seat. The wide open area of the elastic should fit the seat. They can then sit on the toilet bowl and discharge their pee into the container.

Once the container is full, any excess liquid will go down from the small holes in the funnel. Wear the hand gloves and gently remove the funnel from around the toilet bowl seat and detach it from the container. The container has a quarter turning screw cap that opens and closes easily, reducing the usage of the lower arm area and the hand as well as the stress placed on the wrist. This can help in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. After covering the container, the user can place it in the sachet for lab work and throw away the used gloves and a plastic funnel. The product is ideal for use in hospital settings and physician’s offices. Those who will pre-order will receive the product within 60 days. There are no charges until the product is shipped to their location.

Users don’t need to worry about leakage, which is a common issue with low-quality products. Leak-proof containers must be used to protect the sample from exposure to various contaminants and to protect healthcare workers from exposure to the sample. With its waterproof closure, the 60ml aseptic plastic urine container is ideal for collection, transportation, and storage of specimens. The container is graduated to 60ml and sterile. It has special access ports that allow efficient closed-system transfer of urine from the container to the tub.

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