Visual Artist Nancy Hilliard Joyce Reveals Her Passion Driven Journey to Success in ‘The Education of Little Me’

Having a life purpose is a road to success, and children brimming with a passion can very much achieve their dream goals. This core message reverberates through the life of contemporary mixed-media artist, Nancy Hilliard Joyce, whose book “The Education of Little Me” was released Thursday, September 20 on Amazon.

What is it like to grow up with a deep passion that overrides the balance of a traditional education? In “The Education of Little Me”, Nancy shares her account of wading through academic challenges during her formative years, sorting through family dynamics, and how motivation, driven by passion alone, led her towards realizing her dreams. The reader also learns about the decisions and actions her parents took to assist her in this journey.

“Reflecting upon a lifetime of challenges, I began to realize that with each disappointment there were even greater benefits. I, therefore, accepted that the only way to accelerate my learning and to reach my true potential was to continue to take calculated risks,” says Nancy Hilliard Joyce.

“The Education of Little Me” will inspire young adults to follow their dreams but with a purpose in place. The book will appeal to parents and educators who face challenges of raising and working with children who demonstrate more passion than purpose. “The Education of Little Me” reveals how a balance can exist between our external interests and our intrinsic motivation with the help of new perspectives and illustrations from real life. 

“It’s not that we should encourage or celebrate failure”, explains Hilliard Joyce, “but we certainly should embrace failure as part of the process of becoming successful. There are students out there that are doing everything right from the traditional perspective. They are making straight A’s, they are excelling in their sport, they are doing extracurricular activities, starting clubs, or charitable organizations, and they still may not get into their college of choice. Oftentimes, when they face this disappointment it seems overwhelming. However, those that view failure as feedback seem to weather the disappointment and quickly move forward. The underlying message is that perseverance, hard work, and failure are the key ingredients of whatever we decide to define as ‘success’.”

Nancy Hilliard Joyce is a well-known American contemporary artist and regularly produces large-scale commission works. Her works carry intricate forms with layers of color, perspective, gestures, and expression. Nancy is a board member of The Governor’s School for the Arts Foundation, located in Greenville, South Carolina as well as The Cabarrus Arts Council board located in Concord, North Carolina. Her collection management services include mixed media fine art, commissions, art curation, corporate art consulting and live event painting. Most notably, Nancy uses her art to raise funds for charity organizations which helps to foster the environment, women, and children’s education.

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