Unique Campaign About Going Home Sent out by Cross-Strait Youths

On September 20th, 4 days before the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival for the Chinese people, a unique message was broadcasted on the NASDAQ screen at the New York Times Square. The first poster shows the message showing a huge moon and a family of three under the moon. It also means the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s the reunion moment that we should go home now.

The second poster is talking about the way home. In China, full moon means reunion, that all people whatever how far away from the home, should go back to home and have a family banquet with family numbers.

Besides, the final one is a message shown to be sent by Mr. Zhang Juncheng, a 34-year-old Chinese citizen. The message says: “It’s Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s family time. I want to go home.”

The message, according to Zhang, is part of a whole campaign about going home on the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival holds a tradition that family members shall gather together. Zhang wanted to start such a campaign to encourage people working or studying away from their hometown to reunite with their families during this year’s festival.

The campaign consists of the poster shown in NYC, a music video created by youth across the Straits and a family gathering party. Young people in Mainland China and Taiwan all participated in the event. The launch of the campaign was entirely spontaneous, with the help of Zhang and his friends.

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