Modaf Designs: Pret a Porter Collection, hand-made in Italy

Introducing a unique collection combining western and African aesthetics.

Modaf Designs is a fashion brand that doesn’t stick to the usual cliches. Its designs are inspired by different cultures and timeless aesthetics, combining casual warmth with stunning elegance. In addition to that, Modaf Designs is all about creating cosmopolitan outfits that truly celebrate individuality, personality, and life, so you can truly wear it your way and be who you are!

Modaf has released a new Prêt à porter capsule collection, completely hand-crafted in Italy. This new line caters to women of all sizes and preferences, featuring petite, standard and tall height ranges to give a custom fit to women of different heights. The look and feel of these garments are inspired by contemporary western fashion, as well as referencing African culture, particularly through the use of colorful patterns and charming design themes.

This collection has been created with every woman in mind. This is the reason why it is completely size-inclusive, meaning that anyone can enjoy these clothes, regardless of their size! Following an enthusiastic feature in Milan at the Fashion Week in 2017, Modaf Design really managed to set the bar higher and bring its vision to new heights. 

Whether you simply want to show your support with a small donation or pre-order one or more garments, you can make a difference by pledging to Modaf Designs’ Kickstarter campaign. On this particular occasion, you can enjoy these fantastic garments at unprecedented rates, as well as helping the company produce the line and reach out to women on a global basis through the convenience and flexibility of online shopping.

Find out more and make your pledge now!

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Company Name: Modaf Designs
City: Cremona
Country: Italy