Blockchain Promotes the Development of New Social Retail, and ADE Cross-border Social E-commerce Chain Becomes a New Field Project

The 2018 Shijiazhuang Digital Economy Expo entered the second day with the unrelenting enthusiasm of the exhibition. The E2-048 pavilion was crowded inside and outside. As the most high-profile blockchain project of the year, ADE chain is still the focus of attention in the main venue of block chain. 

At 11 o’clock in the morning, Ms. Anny Kim, founder of ADE Chain, and Qiao Qi, founding partner of Federal Reserve Investment Management Co., Ltd., Cai Xiaowen, founder of Mac’s bottom ecological development platform, and Yu Jianing, director of the blockchain industry white paper editorial board, Zhao Wei, founder of Fushun Technology and other blockchain elites attended the roundtable forum of 2018 International Blockchain Industry Conference.

Before the roundtable forum, Genevieve, the vice-chairman of the British Blockchain Association, delivered a speech on behalf of overseas experts of blockchain. In her speech, she briefly introduced the development of the world blockchain, in which she expressed great admiration for the rapid development of China Block Chain industry and expressed the hope that more cooperation and exchanges would be conducted between the UK and China in the future on the blockchain project, so that the blockchain could truly link the world.

Besides Genevieve, other blockchain experts from 22 countries and regions around the world participated in the blockchain roundtable forum, hoping to further promote the development of the world blockchain through this conference.

At the round table, Ms. Anny Kim and other four blockchain guests jointly discussed with the theme “Digital Economy Leads the Future”, and analyzed the future development direction of blockchain and the driving role of blockchain technology innovation in the global real economy.

At the roundtable forum, representatives of the blockchain real economy application field delivered short speeches. 

As the exclusive application of the blockchain in the cross-border social e-commerce industry, Ms. Anny Kim, founder of the ADE chain, elaborated on the unique innovation of the ADE chain in the cross-border social e-commerce field and the way of ADE chain solve the problems of logistics, language, social networks, and user trust in traditional social e-commerce in the face of global markets.

Ms. Anny Kim’s speech pointed out a new way for the blockchain to develop in the cross-border social e-commerce field. At the free discussion period, people raised questions about the ADE chain a lot. The cross-border social e-commerce chain project has attracted the interest of many blockchains giants around the world.

At the end of the roundtable forum, Ms. Anny Kim was invited by several blockchains giants to discuss the development and application prospects of the ADE chain. In the future, ADE chain will be the exclusive application of blockchain in the cross-border social e-commerce industry, and will cooperate with more projects to jointly create a cross-border social e-commerce industry ecosystem.

The successful debuts of the ADE chain at this roundtable forum marks its recognition as the blockchain application for the cross-border social e-commerce industry by most experts in the global blockchain industry. In addition to the cooperation with UNIPLAZA, ADE chain will cooperate with more consumer applications and consumer scenarios online and offline in the future to accelerate the development of cross-border social e-commerce, fully serve the real economy, and realize the theme “Digital Economy Leads the Future”!

On the morning of Sept. 22nd, Ms. Anny Kim, the founder of ADE Chain, will receive more media interviews at the venue from media, such as Beijing Satellite TV. There will be more details about ADE chain project and application contents. We are all looking forward that the ADE chain will be the leading role of the cross-border social e-commerce!

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