Free Automated Stock Trading App for Expats Now in GBP/EUR/USD

“The Money Pouch is a free automated stock trading app for expats and families looking for low cost asset management.”
The Money Pouch, a free personal wealth app for expats has now added GBP and EUR investment strategies to its successful USD ETF trading strategies.

The Money Pouch automatically buys & sells shares of ETFs on a clients’ behalf each month to balance the risk/return reward. Our algorithmic trading module will trade stocks on auto pilot.

The Money Pouch is a free wealth management app which allows expats, professionals and families to trade the stock market at low cost.

Most hedge funds require initial investments of $300,000 and up. The Money Pouch helps professionals, expats and families to reduce trading costs and automate stock trading on their behalf. 

The Money Pouch has been successfully trading ETF strategies in USD for the last 18 months, but now The Money Pouch is expanding to allow GBP & EUR investment strategies for clients worldwide.

This is particularly useful for clients who cannot trade USD ETFs due to new European regulations.

Many clients who hold online brokerage accounts with companies such as Interactive Brokers are suddenly finding they can no longer invest in ETFs trading in US Dollars. 

The Money Pouch can help these clients to manage their monies in other currencies whilst still investing in low cost ETFs.

Furthermore, many expats and professionals are paid in EUR and were asking us to create investment strategies based in Euro. The Money Pouch has also added GBP strategies. Althogether, there are now nine strategies available in USD, EUR and GBP for clients who are seeking conservative, balanced and adventurous risk profile.

The Money Pouch has now been downloaded over 10,000 times on Android and Apple mobile phones since its launch in February 2018. The Money Pouch was also listed in the Top 3 Business to Consumer Roboadviser Apps by Kaplan Capital in Hong Kong. There are over 250 pending applications and interest is growing quickly.

Clients fill out a short questionnaire which takes under a minute and The Money Pouch then figures out a client’s risk score. This score is used to create an investment portfolio which suits each client’s risk tolerance. For example, someone who is cautious with how they invest their monies will be placed into the conservative risk strategy, whilst a younger person with a longer investment horizon and willing to take more risk to make money will be placed in the adventurous strategy. Those who are neither risk seekers or avoiders will be alocated the balanced strategy.

The Money Pouch aims to make 1% – 2% returns per month over a 5 year period depending on a clients’ risk tolerance. Clients can expect losing months over any one year period along with the winning months. 

The Money Pouch team has a wealth of experience and has built over 400 successful trading algorithms. The Money Pouch app allows for automated stock trading of equity, bond  and gold ETFs. You can see the video below to find out how to set up an automated trading account in less than 10 minutes. Once an account has been approved by compliance, which may take a few days, you will then be able to fund your account.

The minimum initial deposit is only 10,000 USD. 

Anyone who is an existing Interactive Brokers client, can easily transfer their account over to The Money Pouch with a simple one page form. This will suit clients who don’t have the time to trade every day or who have accounts which are not performing as expected. The video below explains how to set up an automated stock trading account. You can set up an account in less than 10 minutes and start your investment journey.

Click the link below to learn more about the Money Pouch’s investment strategies and you can download the free apps on Google Play and iTunes.

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