Made of Stone: Uplifting New Trilogy Empowers Readers to Tap into their Inner “Magic” and Thrive

Desiree M. Palmer’s ‘Made of Stone’ is volume one in the thrilling new ‘Satori Stone’ series, as one woman finds herself wielding new power, new potential and an ability to control the world’s complex energies. It’s a transformational series written for adults; an empowering adventure that will inspire every reader to live their best life.

United States of America – While many authors craft fiction with no goal other than giving their readers a quick thrill, Kansan Desiree M. Palmer has a radically-different mandate; to inspire her readers to embrace their inner “magic” and build a new life of boundless potential.


There’s nothing else on the market quite like ‘Satori Stone’, a new trilogy written purely for adults. Volume one, ‘Made of Stone’, gets things off to a compelling start.


Forget about wands and potions, magic is real. This single mother is about to discover how real as she fights to save her family. In the middle of her ordinary life, she discovers she must learn to wield the powers waiting inside her.

Satori Stone isn’t sure why she is targeted, she only knows her world has been turned upside down. Her neighbor teaches her the art of a mystic and she becomes one of the most powerful people on the planet thanks to good genes and the celestial alignment when she was born. Along the way, she meets a man who steals her heart. Their meeting was more than fate, however; it was planned. In a life and death battle, she learns what it takes to manifest her true destiny.

Her journey from aimless wondering to purposeful pathing teaches her how to activate the powers that lay dormant within her. She discovers how to access and control universal energies. But, can she be ready in time?

“This is so much more than just fiction,” explains the author, founder and owner of Satori Source Flow Healing Center. “The book is designed to force readers to take a long look at themselves, recognize their potential and ultimately start living as the best versions of themselves by harnessing their natural powers. Just like Harry Potter inspired children to broaden their horizons, this series has similar morals and lessons for adults.”

Continuing, “It’s a trilogy, with books two and three already in development. I wanted to write something both humbling and cinematic, a balance that is traditionally hard to strike. I think I’ve succeeded, and can’t wait to launch this first volume!”

‘Made of Stone’ is available now:

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About the Author:

Desiree M. Palmer has a master’s degree, eventually leading to her opening her own business – a popular healing and wellness centre in Wichita, Kansas.

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