The ADE Chain Won the Annual Emerging Award of the Blockchain Industry: the New Journey Has just Begun!

Today is the last day of the “2018 International Digital Economy Expo” and the official ending day of the Expo. During the exhibition, ADE chain gained numerous praises and won appreciation from countless fans and media.

Just today, in the IBIC CCTV Focus Blockchain, the ADE chain won the “The Annual Emerging Award of Blockchain Industry” issued by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Blockchain Committee and CCTV. At the same time, People’s Daily also conducted an exclusive interview with the ADE chain. This is recognition and responsibility for the ADE chain.

The ADE Chain Won the Annual Emerging Award of Blockchain Industry.

The three-day conference ended, and the journey of ADE was still not over. Even just the beginning! 

Title Sponsor of 2018 International Digital Economy Expo

Before the 2018 International Digital Economy Expo, ADE chain has reached cooperation with the host, and has become the title sponsor “2018 International Blockchain Industry Summit”. As the pioneer of cross-border social e-commerce chain, ADE chain will lead the development of the blockchain industry, promote the application and landing of blockchain in the field of cross-border social e-commerce, and make its own contributions to the world. 

ADE Chain Received CCTV Exclusive Interview and Heated extolling from Media.

During the conference, ADE links were interviewed by major media such as CCTV2, People’s Daily and Conintime. According to the interview, as a new technology, blockchain will bring new changes to the world, and ADE chain is a cross-border social e-commerce chain which was born in this change. Based on blockchain technology, ADE chain will also bring great changes to the cross-border social e-commerce field.

Ms. Anny Kim, the Founder of the ADE Chain, was Interviewed by CCTV2.

Field Elites Debuted Together and Communicated with Each Other.

At the roundtable forum of “2018 International Blockchain Industry Conference”, Ms. Ms. Anny Kim, the founder of ADE Chain, appeared together with the general manager of Tencent Blockchain, the leader of China Telecom Blockchain, and the founder of the Token to jointly discuss the new trend of the blockchain industry with the theme of “the Digital Economy Leads the Future”. 

Ms. Anny Kim, the Founder of the ADE Chain, Debuted with other elites of the Blockchain Industry.

The Booth of the ADE Chain was Crowded.

At booth E2-048 of Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, ADE chain has set up a 136-square-meter exhibition area, attracting business and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world. Through a brief introduction, the visitors have a strong interest in ADE chain. More visitors choose to stay and have a detailed conversation with the staff to feel the unique charm of ADE cross-border social e-commerce chain.

More Visitors Choose to Sit Down and Talk with the Staff of the ADE Chain.

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