Germany before and after the Thirty Years’ War – History book on one of Germany’s life-changing epochs

“Germany before and after the Thirty Years’ War” by Egon Harings
Egon Harings explains events, important personalities, changes in art and culture, and much more in his non-fiction book “Germany before and after the Thirty Years’ War”.

Many books on German history focus on World War II, Hitler and the Nazis. However, there is much more to Germany, and many more wars were fought. The Thirty Years War in particular had a huge impact on German history. The period before, during and after this war saw many important events such as the death of the last knight, which marked the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of modern times. Also Martin Luther published his famous theses and the Reformation changed the Christian world forever. The emergence of two denominations eventually led to the cruelest war that Germany had ever experienced.

Readers of “Germany before and after the Thirty Years’ War” by Egon Harings learn how this war devastated entire tracts of land, how it wiped numerous settlements off the map and how the population suffered terror and hunger. After the end of the horrible war, Germany was a different country, a country of many independent small states. This book also covers the Renaissance and the Baroque period, the Rococo style and the Enlightenment, as well as Classicism and Mercantilism. 

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