Present from BCIA on the Mid-Autumn Festival BCIA launches a thematic cultural activity

Present from BCIA on the Mid-Autumn Festival !On September 24, BCIA organized a Mid-Autumn Festival thematic cultural activity themed in Terminal 3.

Present from BCIA on the Mid-Autumn Festival 

On September 24, BCIA organized a Mid-Autumn Festival thematic cultural activity themed in Terminal 3.

On May 20, 2006, the “Mid-Autumn Festival” was included into the national nonmaterial cultural heritage list by the state council. As “China’s No.1 Gateway”, BCIA assumes the important mission of spreading Chinese culture. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival activity this year continued to use both dynamic and static show forms. Various forms such as exhibition, performance, experience, and scientific and technological interaction were used, which made the content more diversified, the interactive experience more interesting, and the souvenirs more practical. All of these enhanced passengers’ sense of identity for Chinese traditional culture and improved their sense of gain and sense of participation at BCIA. The activity provided an art feast for passengers who travelled during Mid-Autumn Festival.

Brilliant performance 

On the performance site at the departure hall of Terminal 3, brilliant exhibition and performance are presented for passengers. In the traditional dance drama The Goddess Chang’s Fly to the Moon, the dancer vividly acts out the legend of Chang E with her graceful dancing. Accompanied by a classical melody, the dancing Chang E spreads her wide sleeves, expressing her unlimited remembrance. Passengers on site are all absorbed by her performance. The performance team once acted at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening. This time, they offer a national dancing feast at the “China’s No.1 Gateway”.

The inspiration of the representative work of classical dancing Flying Apsaras comes from the flying of apsaras in Dunhuang frescoes. Combined with the music, dancers act out the figures of apsaras in Dunhuang frescoes with their body language, showing a beautiful picture;

The horsehead fiddle performance with the unique national characteristics pushes the activity to a new high. A track Ten-Thousand Horses Running resounds through the terminal, with the melody now melodious like the wind of prairie, now intense like ten thousand horses running. The player is totally immersed in the performance of the classic track. On May 20, 2006, the horsehead fiddle music, approved by the state council, was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. It made its debut at the “China’s No.1 Gateway”, which attracted many domestic and foreign passengers to stop to appreciate it.


Colorful site experience

The activity also provided site passenger experience, striving to promote the sense of experience and the sense of gain of passengers during their airport travel. At the departure hall of Terminal 1, a photo area with the Goddess Chang’s Fly to the Moon was set for passengers to take photos and get a small festival gift. At the departure hall of Terminal 2, professional painters of Rabbit God were invited to demonstrate the Rabbit God culture and painting. Passengers can draw it by themselves on site and take it away. On the west side of the main stage in Terminal 3, a 3D “Picture in Picture” shooting area themed Mid-Autumn Festival and an animation book for “recording the dynamic moment” with “black” technology are set. It only takes a few second on site to turn your precious photos into a 3D page-turning album, which can present an animation effect with a quick flip and record your wonderful moments. Gashapon machines popular among both children and adults are placed in Terminal 2 and 3. You can “go” and get a gashapon after you scan a WeChat code with your phone and apply for [BCIA Moments Construction Program]. There is a parade of Chang E and Jade Rabbit in Terminal 3. Passengers can demand a photo with them and get a small Mid-Autumn Festive gift. A variety of interactions have attracted many passengers to come for experience.

On the occasion of a traditional Chinese festival, BCIA, through various cultural and artistic forms, carries forward Chinese traditional culture, displays cultural confidence, creatively expresses and presents traditional culture at the “China’s No.1 Gateway”, and delivers “Chinese stories”. The activity strengthens the foundation of humanistic airport construction and lays a solid foundation for BCIA to establish a benchmark of cultural brand in the international field. In the future, BCIA will continue to launch a series of interactions to inherit the profound Chinese culture, deliver sincere its service concept and establish a new benchmark of Chinese service with the sincere service as the connotation!

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