Code to eternal life – The only way to the Kingdom of Heaven and salvation

“Code to eternal life” by Arsham Kasparian
Readers seeking entry to the Kingdom of Heaven will find guidance in Arsham Kasparian’s “Code to eternal life”.

A true Christian’s goal is the eternal life of their soul in the Kingdom of Heaven. While some Christian faiths teach their followers that only a certain number of people will be granted  entry to this kingdom, this new book shows that the path is open to everyone. The author explains in detail how a person can enter the Kingdom of Heaven only through the biblical “Rebirth”. God grants such Newborns the following spiritual gifts: They can truly say: 1. I am Newborn and will have eternal life in heaven. 2. My name is written in the book of life as a citizen of heaven. 3. I am righteously a brother (sister) of Jesus Christ, the son of God. 4. This great God is not only my creator but also my heavenly father. 5. God gave me the Holy Spirit, the same spirit that rose Jesus from the dead. 6. God reserved a luxurious apartment for me in eternity. 7. Jesus carried all my sicknesses and weaknesses on the cross of Golgotha with immense pain.

Christians will find “Code to eternal life” by Arsham Kasparian both comforting and encouraging. The author explains how sins can be forgiven and which steps readers must take to ensure their soul will end up in the right place after their body has passed away. After reading this book, believers will also be equipped to answer those who argue they will end up in hell unless they become a member of a specific branch of Christianity.

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