New Modern Aeration and Overseeding Methods for Improving Grass Root Structure

Homeowners that want a great looking yard should make it a point to overseed and aerate their lawns. These two lawn care methods can transform a shoddy looking yard into a great landscape. The material presented here will show homeowners how they can grow a healthy lawn with these two processes. 

Aerating and Overseeding Are Two Essential Lawn Improvement Techniques 

Property owners might not realize this but aerating and overseeding are critical to keeping and maintaining a healthy lawn. Aeration works because it puts more air, nutrients and water into the soil. This in turn helps plant life to grown at an optimal rate. Overseeding is effective because it increases the density of grass and makes it look more colorful. 

Consumer Reports states that aerating your yard in the fall will improve its condition in the following spring. To carry out this process you should use a spike aerator or a plug aerator. A spike aerator is designed to poke holes into the ground. Plug aerators are designed to remove a chunk of your lawn. Both types of aerators are useful for carrying out this procedure. Aeration machines are expensive purchase or rent but they are extremely useful for helping you to upgrade your lawn area. 

When you are ready to overseed your lawn, you should get a seed or lawn spreader to put on the grass. You should get an overabundance of grass seed. This grass seed should be the same strand as your lawn. Take the seed and fill up your lawn spreader and overseed your lawn area until it is completely saturated with grass kernels. By the way, you should always aerate your lawn before you overseed it. This is the sensible approach to take. 

When Should You Begin to Aerate and Overseed Your Yard? 

You should start the aeration and overseeding process during the late summer or early fall season. Keep in mind that homes located further north will have a cooler fall season. This simply means that people who live in cooler regions should start their aeration and overseeding regimen at an early date. Companies like Green Oasis the type of grass you have should also help to determine your start date. The key to carrying out these lawn care activities is to know your grass and your climate. These two factors will help you to determine when you should begin. Green Oasis also agrees with this information. 

Tips to Remember for These Processes 

Remember to cut the grass before you start aeration and overseeding in the fall. It only makes sense to have a shorter grass for aeration and overseeding activities. Rake your yard and remove any foliage, debris, trash or any objects out of the way. This will ensure that your aeration and seeding process is unhindered. Take a bow rake and use it to loosen up the top layers of the soil. 

Start the aeration process and complete it before you put down more seed. Make sure the ground is somewhat moist before you aerate. This will produce better results. You are now ready to overseed your lawn. Remember when you overseed, make sure that you are cover the whole entire lawn area including the bare spots. Ultimately, the hard work you put in with fall aeration and overseeding will enhance your yard by next spring.

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