While working on poverty alleviation, Zheng Hua’s ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ (aka Nan Ge, Southern Brothers) incorporates warm elements such as family in the details, which brings the distance between heroes and ordinary audiences closer.

Los Angeles, CA (September 25, 2018) – TRICOAST ENTERTAINMENT – From emerging filmmaker Zheng Hua, “EVERYDAY HERO not only tells us a real and touching story of poverty alleviation, but also solidly and realistically achieves the pulse of the whole era. It is called a “warm work” with a period imprint,” wrote Atlanta Chinese News’, Xinqi Ren.

Read Xinqi Ren’s review on EVERYDAY HERO for the Atlanta Chinese News below:

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The feature film EVERYDAY HERO jointly produced by China Guangdong Southern Pilot Film & Television Communication Co., Ltd. is a typical English-type movie. But because the camera points at the country’s blue skies and white clouds, green mountains and green waters, and vast fields, which are contrasted with the face of the old villagers and the smoky air, EVERYDAY HERO blends into the rich story structure of poverty alleviation, making the film chic and elegant. While the film’s aesthetic showcases the importance of Guo Jiannan to the people who once faced such poverty, immediately felt a deep poetry.

EVERYDAY HERO tells the story of Guo Jiannan, the head of a company in Guangzhou, who came to the poor village in the west of Guangdong Province to serve as the captain of the poverty alleviation team. Here, people are used to calling him “Southern Brothers.” Because the locals do not believe that hard work can get rich, they will only wait for the government to issue relief funds. Guo Jiannan assists with water supply engineering and helping the villagers open a certificate to sell poultry; he even waited for a day and night at the epidemic prevention station. In order to help the poor in the countryside, Nan Ge was unable to take care of his wife and daughter and had no time to test his title. In particular, he frankly pointed out that the poverty alleviation plan on the top was unrealistic, thus offending many people and being reported to accept bribes for investigation. However, this did not prevent him from overcoming poverty and achieving prosperity by helping the villagers to get rich together. Until the villagers lived a prosperous life, Guo Jiannan smiled heartily. But after two years of hard work, he exhaustedly falls asleep on top of his desk with the same smile, only never to be woken again. Since then, in the beautiful and fertile village of Mintan, people often call for a name: Nan Ge.   

Although this is a film about poverty alleviation, it conveys not only a simple story of poverty alleviation, but also gradually let the audience gradually through the seemingly ordinary but full of sincerity and full of sentimental feelings. I recognized and respected the image of an ordinary and great poverty alleviation cadre.

As director Zheng Hua said, “Guo Jiannan is just one of the millions of poverty alleviation cadres in this era. The audience knows that he is such an identity through the movie.” Perhaps it is because of this ordinary, we are in the film. In fact, I did not see a particularly clear big event, but more of it was based on the layered relationship of the characters. Through the vivid and touching words and deeds of Nan Ge, the villagers also let the audience really feel the depths of the poverty alleviation cadres. Incredibly warm, the villagers showed the tremendous changes that Guo Jiannan brought to their lives.

Plain, intimate, lively and touching, this is the common feeling that this film brings to the vast majority of the audience. In terms of expression techniques, the film focuses on the keynotes as “poetic expressions”, not only emphasizing the beauty of the picture, the beauty of composition, but also the beauty of music. In particular, the film has more to show than the regional elements of Guangdong, and the unique natural scenery and humanistic feelings of the Lingnan area will naturally and aptly blend in the process of the plot evolution. The movie also set up a “Firefly Valley”. The firefly’s figure runs from the beginning to the end. In addition to using fireflies to symbolize the efforts of the poverty-stricken cadres, it is also because the “Firefly Valley” can bring a beautiful and exquisite picture. It is also these ingenious artistic creations that have made the stories and characters more stereoscopic, and have also made the aesthetic characteristics of the Southern School films better.

In addition, unlike the previous models in similar films, it is often not self-satisfied, only suffering, no music. The “everyday hero” intends to portray the poverty-stricken hero into a warm male image. While working on poverty alleviation, it also incorporates warm elements such as family and family in the details, which brings the distance between heroes and ordinary audiences closer. In particular, the plot setting of raising geese and raising mushrooms in the movie is the highlight of finding accurate poverty alleviation. In addition, the film has no blunt political color, so it is more profound and more touching.

What needs special mention is that poverty is a worldwide problem. According to China’s strategy of poverty alleviation, all poverty-stricken people will be lifted out of poverty by 2020. From this point of view, the film EVERYDAY HERO not only tells us a real and touching story of poverty alleviation, but also solidly and realistically achieves the pulse of the whole era. It is called a “warm work” with a period imprint.

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Produced by Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd., TriCoast Entertainment has released EVERYDAY HERO onto select online video streaming platforms – DirecTV, Amazon, In Demand, iTunes, Vimeo on Demand, Google Play, Dish and Sling – watch EVERYDAY HERO today here:

EVERYDAY HERO (2017, 91 min.) Directed by Zheng Hua. Produced by: Sun Hong Tao. Cinematography by: He Yong Jian. Edited by: Ed Marx, Jeff Murphy. China, Chinese. Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd. TriCoast Worldwide, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd.

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