Medilase Announces New Laser Hair Removal Services in Hongkong

Not everyone has the stamina to shave, tweeze or wax unwanted hair. It is something that needs to be done every week if you intend on keeping hairless skin. Thus, a laser hair removal treatment is worth considering if you’re looking to permanently eliminate the growing back of unwanted hair.

The treatment of laser hair removal is growing at a quick rate in America since quite sometime now and is stands as the most common cosmetic procedure. The process includes a highly concentrated laser beam the penetrates into the skin and reaches the hair follicles. The follicles absorb the light which in turn destroys the hair itself.

Benefits of our Laser Treatment:

People and most commonly women, use the laser treatment to get rid of unwanted hair on the arms, legs, the bikini area and many other areas as well. Our lasers are programmed to selectively only target the course or the thick hairs on the body, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Our laser is set at a speed that can get rid of many hairs every second. Each pulse can penetrate an area to the size of a quarter every second. Upper lip areas can take up to a minute while legs usually take up to an hour. Our doctors and equipment are the latest that can provide a long lasting hair removal result, saving you the need to visit again after only a while.


Laser hair removal is not only the plucking out of unwanted hair. It is a medical process that requires caution and may contain risks if not carried out in a proper way. Our doctors are highly trained in the field and enough experienced to avoid common irregularities. What they advise is to stop waxing or plucking hair yourself almost 6 weeks ahead of treatment. Waxing temporarily removes the roots of the hair and if done before the laser treatment, there will be no roots found for the laser to treat. The doctors here also recommend to avoid sun exposure both before and after the treatment for up to 6 weeks.


Our doctors are highly clinical and use each equipment according to the needs of each individual. The doctors trim down the hair to a few millimeters above the skin and the set the laser hair removing equipment according the color and thickness of both the hair. You will also be advised to wear appropriate eye protection since lasers are highly dangerous and you will also be applied with a cold gel that helps the laser penetrate the skin. Next the area of penetration will be examined for a few minutes by giving it a pulse of light. This is to check that suitable settings are being used and if there are any bad reactions on the skin.


After completion, we provide ice packs, cold water and anti-inflammatory creams to ease discomfort as a complement. You will receive the next date of your treatment, usually 6-8 weeks later. Other potential side effects may include swelling and redness.

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