SEA Maplers: Here\’s MMOAH MapleStory Store\’s Next Week Offers

For all SEA (Southeast Asia) Maplers, MapleStory M strikes them again as an exquisite creation of nostalgia and trendiness together. The mobile game does bring back not only the original MapleStory highlights, but also the innocent and memorable youth fun-time they shared with each other in the game. Now, MMOAH is dedicated to providing more fun and benefits for all Maplers who yearn for Mesos and equipment – Watch out! There is a load of gifts coming to you!

MapleStory M has released its new version update a few days ago. What are the experiences of the update? What is the position of MapleStory M in the gamers’ eyes among other mobile games? Here is the incisive review of MapleStory M from a Vietnamese Mapler:

“This can be said that the version brings a whole new vitality for the game that is extremely popular in Vietnam – MapleStory M. After nearly two months of launch, MapleStory M has not disappointed fans in succession to prove its position on every front. Obviously, with cool gameplay, bright graphics, fun storyline… MapleStory M has completely inherited the charm of the “Dwarf Thunder Adventure” on the PC and even promoted it to a new level. At present, MapleStory M has once again made a splash with fans, launching an extremely exciting new version with the appearance of new members of the same name. a series of extremely interesting features.”

Up-to-date Research statistics show that MapleStory M has succeeded in holding its position on Top 10 Downloaded chart in Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines Google Play Store and Apple App Store for the several weeks in a row. SEA (Southeast Asia) Maplers show us again that nostalgia is the panacea of old-school franchise verging on mortality. MapleStory M is a compound of blending nostalgic factors and fashionable gestures together proportionally. Compared to plenty of MOBAs in vogue, MapleStory M might not be regarded as the best in some ways, but surely the most distinctive one in the heap.

To echo with the passions and massive affections of general SEA Maplers towards MapleStory M, MMOAH MapleStory Store has upgraded its services and delivery lines for MapleStory M Mesos, products supplement as well. We are honored to inform you exhilaratingly the upgrade details in following statements:

1. Bigger Discount Offer. We prepared a special coupon code “edm15” that exclusively applies to MapleStory M Mesos Purchase from tomorrow to next week. This code will save you 15% for each purchase;

2. Faster Delivery Guarantee. MMOAH has made a guarantee that every MapleStory M purchase’s delivery must be fulfilled within 10 minutes after your auctioned item is identified by us. Otherwise, you will get a richly-compensated bonus: If the delay is limited within 30 minutes, you will get 5% extra of the original purchase; if it is over than 30 minutes, you will get 10% extra instead.

3. More-Buy-More-Giveaway Sales Campaign. MMOAH announced that it would randomly choose one or two old customers from the sales database and grant big giveaways to them once in a week. The entrance condition for qualified consumers from MMOAH store is 10 or more orders you used to place on our store in your record page during the whole week. For Maplers, the giveaway is 1000M Mesos for one member.

There is also another heap of activities and sales campaigns that about to roll out on MMOAH in next few weeks. Stay tuned for more benefits from us, SEA Maplers!

PS: We will establish new stores and websites exclusively focus on MapleStory M Mesos SEAMaplesea Mesos or Maplesea M Mesos Transactions. You will definitely be amazed by what we will show you by then!

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