BEE CASHBACK PROJECT enables people worldwide to build, buy and sell a home through one single app

BEE CASHBACK PROJECT, a legally operating entity has developed the revolutionary, multi-language BEE APP which enables the users worldwide to build their houses as well as buy and sell existing houses and apartments. The app features house building computer tools that allow the users to buy a piece of land, hire architects, construction specialists as well as legal and financial experts to build their dream home in the most effective manner. In addition, the users can also buy and sell ready-made houses and apartments through this all-in-one app.

The Cashback World Community is composed of over 11 Million members, 330, 000 plus marketers, 120,000 Cashback World Loyalty Merchants currently active in 47 countries, spread over six continents. Every time a user buys products or services from the CB world loyalty merchants, they receive cashback plus shopping points from every euros spent. This applies to all Cashback World venues. Through the BEE App, the users will be able to avail services from verified regional merchants at competitive prices to build their home in an environmentally friendly, ergonomic and energy efficient manner and receive 4% cashback and 5% shopping points on every €100.

The internationally known and established brand BEE CASHBACK HOME stands for quality, sustainability, innovation, and regional craftsman services supported by the FCC (Fair Construction Code) certificate. Every home build through our system is a BEE CASHBACK HOME. Building – Environment – Energy (BEE). The next generation home building.

BEE CASHBACK is organizing their Pre-sale from 15th October to 12th November to offer their native BCH token at a price of €0.70. BCH token is an ERC-20 type token which will serve as the primary mode of payment on the platform and the BEE App and inside Cashback World after exchange listing. The users have a chance to invest in the Pre-sale and ICO to become a part of an established and ever-growing project. Here is the schedule of upcoming Pre-sale and ICO:

PRE-SALE 1: BCH Price: €0,70 (15th Oct – 12th Nov 2018)
PRE-SALE 2: BCH Price: €0,80 (12th Nov – 10th Dec 2018)
PRE-SALE 3: BCH Price: €0,90 (10th Dec – 7th Jan 2019)
ICO START: BCH Price: €1 (7th Jan – 4 Feb 2019)
ICO ENDS: 4th Feb 2019

A total of 50.000.000 BCH will be supplied out of which 27.500.000 BCH will be available through the Pre-sale and main-sale ICO.

The BEE App is here to enable the users to manage their construction projects easily by allowing them to calculate construction costs, make Life Cycle Cost (LCC) estimates, search for properties worldwide, find CB world partners for construction, conversion, and redevelopment among others. More information about the project and the app can be found on their official website.


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