“New Trend, New Class, New species and New Opportunity” – The 4th Chao Chuang Conference Grand Opening

On September 20th, the 4th Chaochuang Conference and the Belt and Road Initiative Digital Economy Innovation Summit kicked off at the Sheraton Shantou Hotel.

The conference was hosted by the Longhu District Government of Shantou City, the Economic and Information Bureau of Shantou City, the Shantou Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the Guangdong Institute of Chao Innovation Economics. The Research Center for Private Economy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Xinhua News Agency, jointly sponsored by the new social associations of Shantou City, Shantou Chaochuang Zhigu Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Shantou Chaochuang Business Consulting Co., Ltd., Shantou High-tech Zone Huiying E-commerce Service Co., Ltd.

The conference was hosted by Chen Hani, a famous Chao actor and director of the Melon Culture Media.

Vice Chairman of China Bridge Association, former director of the Central State Organs Working Committee Service Bureau Xu Shuangwei, Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Science and Technology Service Alliance Ma Xuewen, former Dean of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Private Economic Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor, Researcher Liu Yingqiu, editorial board member of Xinhua News Agency “Economic Information Daily”, director of the theoretical department Tian Ruzhu, executive vice president of China Asian Economic Development Association, deputy director of the Private Economic Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Ph.D. in Economics, Liu Honglu, deputy director of the Private Economic Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Secretary-General, researcher Lin Tao, president of Guangdong Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade Lin Tao, deputy mayor of Shantou City Lin Xiaoyong, former staff member of Guangzhou Industrial and Information Committee, Rao Jian, Guangdong Airport Management Group Co., Ltd. Jieyang Chaoshan Airport Company General Manager Guo Dajie, Guangdong Lu Weijun, Party Secretary of Huaneng Haimen Power Plant, Zhang Lei, Secretary of Shantou Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Cheng Xiaoqun, Chairman of Shantou City Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Chairman of the Party Committee of Shantou City Association, Hong Xiangwu, Vice Chairman of the Management Committee of Shantou Free Trade Zone, Zhang Xiaoyu, Deputy Director of Longhu District, Shantou City District head Lin Wenguang, head Director of the Small and Medium Bureau Cai Min, Dean of the Shantou Technician College Cheng Gongsheng, Chairman of the Shantou City Federation of Industry and Commerce Huang Maoqiang, Executive Vice President of the International Tidal League, Wu Wenfa, Executive Vice President of the New Zealand Tide General, and Zhu Huaiqi, General Manager of the Shantou Branch of the Mobile Company Jiang Yi, general manager of Baotou Group Shantou Branch, and representatives of industry bureau leaders, representatives of various friendship associations attended the event.

Chaochuang Presidium Wu Xixiong, Lai Zuoqin, Zhou Jianxuan, Ou Xiantao, Ke Shaobin, Chen Qifeng, Zheng Wenxiong, Lin Biao, Chen Zijie, Li Zhongmin, Chen Xiang, Wu Qunhui, Cai Zhilong, Huang Xiaomin, Fang Zhanxin, Zheng Baixin, Han Rongkui, Vice President Zhou Zhe, Chen Lijiang, Lin Weiqiang, Zhan Jianpeng, and other entrepreneurs from home and abroad attended the meeting.

Wu Xixiong, chairman of the Guangdong Institute of Chao Innovation and Economics, delivered a welcome speech at the meeting. He said that the Chaochuang Conference has been held for four times, and each session has new achievements and new prospects. I hope that this event will further promote this event. Cooperation between domestic and overseas Chao merchants and innovative entrepreneurial entrepreneurs promotes the development of industries and sectors of the innovation economy. Next, the 2nd Chaochuang Competition and a series of activities will be held to provide entrepreneurs with a better display platform and provide investors with more investment directions.

Lin Tao, president of the Guangdong Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, delivered a speech at the meeting. He said that the Chaochuang Conference focused on the construction of the Belt and Road. It can be said that it is of great significance. It is timely, in line with the development of Shantou and the actual industry, and believes in the innovative resources of Shantou. The combination of tidal resources and human resources can promote the development of Shantou’s economy and better promote the development of Shantou and other regions.

At the meeting, the opening ceremony of the Guangdong Province Science and Technology Service Industry Technology Innovation Alliance Chaochuang Zhigu Demonstration Base and the Global Overseas Chinese Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base was held. Xu Bichou, Vice Chairman of the China Bridge Association and former Director of the Central Government Organs Committee Service Bureau, Mr. Ma Xuewen, Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Science and Technology Service Alliance, Lin Tao, President of Guangdong Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Lin Xiaoyong, Vice Mayor of Shantou City, Lin Wenguang, Deputy District Head of Longhu District, Shantou City, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Shantou Science and Technology Association, Hong Xiangwu, Guangdong Chaoyang Innovation Economy Zhou Jianxuan, Chairman of the Institute, and Chen Zijie, Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Institute of Tide Innovation and Economics, unveiled the Chaozhou Chuanggu Demonstration Base of the Guangdong Science and Technology Service Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, Wu Wenfa, Executive Vice President of the New Zealand Tide General Association, and the Philippines Philippine Tide Youth Lin Han, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Junyong, Chairman of the Youth Committee of the Hong Kong Association of Chaozhou Societies, Huang Liang, Director of the Chaozhou Bagua Club, and Director of the Youth League, Lai Zuoqin, Executive Director of the Guangdong Institute of Tide Innovation and Economics, Guangdong Province Fang Zexin, vice chairman of the hospital, jointly worked for the overseas Chinese youth innovation and entrepreneurship base Card.

Liu Yingqiu, a well-known economist, former president of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Institute of Private Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and researcher Liu Yingqiu gave a speech on “Six Stability” and the steady and healthy development of China’s economy. He believes that the essence of “six stables” is not to grow, nor to avoid speed, but to effectively achieve the goal of “maintaining stable and healthy development of the economy” from a more specific level. There are many outstanding young and middle-aged entrepreneurs in the Chaoshan struggle, and there is a deep-rooted, rich and richly-developed “Chao Chuang Spirit” to support. Chaoshan people will be able to judge the situation and seize the tide in the new era of China’s economic development. Seize the opportunity, re-innovate performance, re-innovate and develop, and innovate again.

In the era of blockchain, how to use millet products to “mining”? Gu Dawei, general manager of Xiaomi’s commercial products department, analyzed the theme sharing of “The Exploration of Xiaomi Blockchain”. He mentioned that the value of Xiaomi Super Alliance Chain lies in pattern sharing, technology sharing, knowledge sharing, financial sharing and asset data sharing.

There is a saying that “China’s 400 million urban population, 200 million a day to see the people.” As a media company with the “China’s most popular brand of advertising,” media, Focus Media has a more thorough view of advertising. According to Luo Lan, vice president of Focus Media Group, people’s heart is more important than traffic. She believes that the essence of advertising positioning is to capture people’s hearts, influence and control customer’s perception. Once the customer’s mind establishes the cognition we want, Can give the brand a powerful force. No choice is the best choice. The success of Focus Media is to capture the core scene of the mainstream crowd – elevator, which represents four words: mainstream crowd, must, high frequency, low interference, let advertising at the core High-frequency contact in the closed space of life, forced to reach the crowd, detonating the core scarce resources of the brand. Embracing change, gambling is unchanged, and this may also be a game thinking that breaks through in the ever-changing media environment.

Known as the pioneer in China’s entrepreneurship and investment field, Mr. Mai Gang, honorary president of the China Youth Angel Association, talked about the topic of blockchain, saying that blockchain technology is a technological revolution, bringing decentralized applications to decentralized applications. It seems that it has triggered two huge financial revolutions: bitcoin (digital currency) and ICO (token issuing). In his view, there are only five attributes of the currency, one is the value of stored value, the other is the value of use, that is, the agreement token, the third is the proof of power, the service, the voting of membership rights, etc., the fourth is the proof of equity, and the fifth is speculation. . In 2013, he spread the knowledge of Bitcoin and blockchain nationwide. He was very excited, but he was worried when he faced various ICO chaos in 2018. I hope that entrepreneurs can truly create long-term value in this wave of entrepreneurship.

At the “New Sharp Merchants Roundtable Forum” hosted by Cai Zhilong, CEO of Guangdong Yixun Information Technology Co., Ltd., Huang Shaodong, founding partner of Beituo Capital, Chen Lijiang, founder and CEO of Afan, and Yao Junfeng, founder of Fun Car, and the maker of the cat Founder Lu Jie combined his entrepreneurial experience and experience to express his views on young entrepreneurs and development topics.

Quotes from Guests:

Lu Jie: “Knowledge is very important. Knowledge is sometimes more important than knowledge. Chaoshan people want to go to Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. This will be very helpful for our projects.”

Yao Junfeng: “Do not forget your heart and continue to work hard.”

Chen Lijiang: “Persevere persistence and persistence. Even the best project will have problems at a certain stage. After you insist on doing it, you will find that it is different from your original knowledge. Success comes from persistence.”

Huang Shaodong: “Do not forget the initial heart, recognize the unity, and cross the cycle.”

In the afternoon of the first day of the Chao Chuang Conference, Li Weihong, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, delivered a speech at the meeting. She said that today’s Shantou has both platform advantages and policy advantages, especially suitable for innovators and entrepreneurs at home and abroad, and open economic and technological exchanges and cooperation. . Shantou’s environmental resources, scientific research resources and the innovative resources of the Chaoshan people along the Belt and Road will surely spark a spark.

Cheng Xiaoqun, chairman of the Shantou City Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said in his speech that the current reform and opening up is deepening, and it has brought a very good opportunity to Shantou City. Whether it is all levels of departments or entrepreneurs or our young talents, we must grasp Good opportunity, Shantou has dreams and hopes. Under the great atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, there is much to be done.

In the five years since the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, Chinese companies’ investment in countries along the “Belt and Road” has been heating up and become a new bright spot for overseas investment. Wei Yanbin, a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, believes that the Belt and Road approach to the sea is both an opportunity and a challenge. To be smooth, we must effectively grasp market opportunities and overcome market challenges. This requires mastering the knowledge of countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative, taking the initiative to use the current favorable environment to control the opportunity to go out of the sea, and have innovative discoveries on markets, technologies, products and services, and take appropriate actions. At the same time, we must break through the boundaries of culture, ideology, national boundaries, economic and social systems, promote mutual understanding, exchange and respect, and promote the cooperation of all aspects of the region in a spirit of mutual benefit, mutual benefit and complementarity.

“We are very big, we are very small; we are very mysterious, we are in emerging markets.” Eggplant Express COO Wang Chao used this sentence to describe the eggplant fast transmission of this face-to-face speed mutual transmission artifact with more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. In his view, 1.5 billion users are just the tip of the iceberg of emerging markets. Generally speaking, the development of a market can be divided into three parts, one is infrastructure construction, the other is network infrastructure construction, and the third is the people’s demand for Internet content. And the mismatch = opportunity, the sea market needs to grasp the three logic that is dividend logic, scale logic and growth logic, use logic to drive practice, less detours, this is also SHAREit’s development methodology.

“Establishing entrepreneurs from small to large” is the corporate vision of Xiaoyi, a large venture capital investment partner, who has successfully invested in Afu essential oil, carved burdock, where to go on weekends, runaway comics, beauty makeup and other projects. Sharing the views on the development of China’s venture capital, he believes that the economic cycle brings opportunities for innovators, there is a clear time difference between venture capital and stock market, and venture capital is a supplement to the capital market. So learn to embrace the economic cycle. The most important one for entrepreneurial innovation is technology, and the other is demand. Therefore, if you can catch one of these two points or combine these two points, you will become a project of risky investors.

A little information CTO Sun Wei mentioned in the sharing of “The Future of Information Flow and the Opportunity of Artificial Intelligence” that big data, computing power and algorithm model are the three elements of artificial intelligence. Correspondingly, the production of millions of products per day is over 100 million. The distributed system of users and tens of thousands of servers handles massive browsing and click records in real time, and thousands of personalized recommendations for deep learning are the three elements of information flow. From sheepskin documents to newspapers and magazines, from radio and television to computers, to today’s new media, smart media, and in the new era of communication and transformation, artificial intelligence has also brought convenience to the construction of the media ecology.

In the Blockchain Roundtable Forum, Hong Kong Inno Angel Fund Partner, Hong Kong Blockchain Society Chairman Zhang Junyong, Chain Chain Capital Founding Partner Chen Qian, Blockchain Bank MXBank Co-founder Deng Yuanhui, Panda Mining Machine Co-founder, Partner Cai Jinhuang, Chen Huashi, Chairman of Aurora Quantitative, discussed the topic of “coin circle”.

On that night, the activities of Chao Chuang Night continued, and the rich food and wonderful performances made the guests enjoy a pleasant evening in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Zhimei Technology CEO Chen Zijie, Shangmi Technology CEO Lin Biao, “Dad, I must do” director Lan Hongchun and starring Zheng Runqi in the Chao Chuang night brought the full share of dry goods, but also let this exchange have more Sparks. The wonderful performances of the one-finger group also pushed the atmosphere of the venue to a climax. 

Some guests said that the Chaochuang Conference is a program that they must participate in every year. Some guests said that as time goes by, they are also growing together with the conference. As the organizer, we would like to say that year after year, from 0 to 4, from nothing, continue to be wonderful, but also thanks to the support of the conference guests and organizations, thank you for the wonderful brings from the industry. Share, thank you for the hard work of the staff behind the scenes. The Chaos Innovation Conference is not the best, just for the better. Let us meet again, see the 5th Chao Chuang Conference.

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