Renewable energy upgrades coming to Bay Area university campuses

“Solar carports provide cover for vehicles as well as powering charging stations. EtainPower creates a peer-to-peer energy trading ecosystem in which participants can use tokens to pay for electric vehicle charging and other services.”
Clean energy startup EtainPower will bring AI and blockchain technology-backed solutions to two Bay Area university campuses. The company developed a decentralized peer-to-peer energy trading platform that will allow investors to support renewable energy projects across the globe. Two pilot projects will begin at William Jessup University’s Rocklin campus and Patten University in Oakland.

William Jessup University (WJU) will develop solar carports and an energy storage system generating a collective 999.5KW. Solar carports are overhead canopies that provide cover for vehicles while powering electric vehicle charging stations for students and faculty. The system will utilize 3702 Panels across 12 structures, with 19 inverters and a 1,000KWH capacity storage system.

At Patten University, a similar solar installation with storage capacity is planned to power campus buildings and electric vehicle charging stations.

It is in the storage that EtainPower’s blockchain solution comes into play. The energy can be stored by traditional batteries, as well as financially as credits in the electrical grid. EtainPower will also utilize sophisticated AI for intelligent energy storage that maximizes savings through energy efficiency and usage curtailment.

Blockchain enables an automated and transparent platform for peer-to-peer energy trading, allowing users on campus to buy and sell power directly. It represents one of the first real-world applications of the technology in the energy space as institutions put their support behind decentralized trading.

It is the first step for EtainPower, which is also planning pilot projects the Caribbean region, where natural resources for renewable energy are plentiful and traditional fossil fuels are particularly expensive. They will roll out future projects in the US and China, with platform investors able to contribute to the upfront costs of each system, and share in the profits once the projects start producing energy.

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