Antoun Toubia Provides Fund Raising & Advisory Service To Assist Upcoming Crypto currencies In Finding their Way to Success

With the rise of crypto-currencies, staying afloat in a market that has such an abundance of them requires a level of advice that is hard to find in most cases. This is why it is absolutely imperative to have someone who understands the market and is able to provide one with all of the insider details that any ICO needs to become successful.

Luckily, Antoun Toubia is one person that has managed to make this a possibility for a multitude of different companies. An investment services professional with over 7 years of experience in private equity investments and funds, and two years in venture capital and hedge funds, along with 5 years in Blockchain technology and crypto-currencies, Antoun Toubia manages to bring something to the table that is quite difficult to acquire in most cases. He is the owner of United Capital Investments S.A. – a renowned company working on a multitude of different crypto-currency related projects.

Having strong connections with Middle Eastern Markets allows him to tap into many investors in the Gulf Region, including areas from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and more – and this is something that has assisted. Any successful crypto-currency requires an ICO adviser who is able to provide them with all of the required details. Having worked with renowned companies like NetzCoin, Otcrit Platform while also working closely on the creation of PEBEX – a new mineable cryptocurrency coin, has allowed Antoun to give all of the required experience and intricacies that many other ICO advisors of today severely lack.

About Antoun Toubia

Antoun Toubia is an investment services professional with 7 years of experience in Private Equity investments and Funds, two years in venture capital and Hedge Funds, 5 years in Blockchain Technology and Crypto-Currencies. He is building a new type of Private Equity Portfolio Fund based on the Blockchain technology, already established connection and signed contracts with government backed companies.

His current focus is in investment analysis and helping companies getting funds by launching ICOs for them and attracting investors, building complex models and learning quickly about new industries and markets. He has participated in joint‐venture negotiations, acquisitions, IPOs-ICOs and venture financing deals.

His projects are in different categories, like Fintech, Green Energy Investments, Blockchain based and the list is quite extensive. Entrepreneurship and leadership are two of his qualities that cannot be underestimated.

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