Interfinance Mortgage Corporation Welcomes Its New Senior Mortgage Manager

Interfinance Mortgage Corporation, the leading Debt Consolidation Loan Toronto provider, proudly introduces their new senior mortgage manager Monica Gairola who will take responsibility for growing the private lending and Debt Consolidation Loan portfolio in Toronto.

Monica attended the University of Toronto for Anthropology and Sociology. She also had humble beginnings. Before entering the financial services industry, she served from being a mortgage officer to mortgage underwriter to Assistant Vice President. The new team member of Interfinance Mortgage Corporation also worked for different alternative lenders and is currently completing her 18 years in the industry. 

Ms. Gairola has the high level of knowledge and skills with respect to credit that makes her adjudicate files in a very efficient and professional way. She learned that the mortgage industry continues to evolve over the years. These endless changes in guidelines and regulations make it imperative to be knowledgeable and stay updated to deal with every customer in a more customized manner.  “It is important to stay on top of your industry and develop rates and products that are a step ahead of the competition,” said Ms. Gairola.

Monica is also a firm believer in integrity and honesty. Integrity and honesty are also the values that Kiran and Interfinance operate their business. The new senior mortgage manager also expresses that a client will come to you because they need your help with whatever it may be. She added that in their case, it is related to property and money, two of the most significant investments that usually stress a person’s life. She also explained that it is essential to be completely transparent with clients to keep their respect and provide the best outcomes for them.

She also believes that the increasing competition means that similar files are circulated multiple times. It is necessary to get the right job done the first time to ensure the satisfaction of the clients which helps to reduce the need for ‘shop the deal.’

Monica is very excited to join the team of Interfinance where the possibility of growth is endless. She believes that her expertise in the alternative space with the experience of Kiran and the Interfinance team can lead to greater results in the future.

About Monica Gairola:

Monica Gairola comes from a big family. Her family and community have a huge role in her life. She is very passionate about the social issues and desires to help on how to make the world a better place. She usually participates in various charity events. When she has free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and most of all, travelling. She is very excited to begin her new journey with Interfinance Mortgage Corporation.

For more information about Interfinance Mortgage Corporation and their services, visit their official website at (License number: 12004).  

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