InvestFar to revolutionize real estate investments with breakthrough app

Advanced P2P social mobile application and website platform, InvestFar, aims to change the way real estate investments are done by allowing individuals to invest in the out-of-market real estate scene with “local” advantage from the comfort of their home

September 26, 2018 – The modern US real estate sector is booming with a plethora of high yield investment opportunities for individuals and institutional investors. However, issues such as costly broker fees and distance have limited investors’ ability to remotely access these opportunities within the flourishing real estate market. However, InvestFar is looking to change the narrative with technology-driven solutions.

Leading real estate company, InvestFar, has developed a futuristic application designed to revolutionize the real estate scene, making things easier for both investors and the industry overall. Titled “InvestFar”, the application represents a P2P platform that will help streamline real estate investment transactions for remote investors helping them to make informed investment decisions with ease. The application will also assist in creating effective property management remotely. 

InvestFar caters to all classes of investors including single and multi-family investors with the aim of assisting them to grow and manage their real estate portfolios including buying, selling, renting, remodeling or financing in any market across the world. The platform has a vast database which includes details on properties for rent or sale as well as homes that are not even on the market.  InvestFar is designed with the idea of providing buyers and sellers worldwide with access to buy, sell, flip or manage properties remotely using an automation feature for transactions.

“InvestFar is driven by the mission to make out-of-market real estate “local” by streamlining the outdated practices of purchasing and managing properties.  Being a seasoned investor myself, I am well aware of the plight of remote investors.  It is difficult for them to visit the out-of-state real estate market personally and gather data and/or market knowledge due to distance.  Besides, a majority of them are apprehensive of remote investing given costly broker fees; which are typically around 3-6% commission just for selling homes,” stated Andre’ Stewart, Founder of InvestFar.

“Moreover, property management also creates difficulty for remote investors as they do not have relationships with local teams to assist with the legwork.  All of these challenges not only makes things more difficult for remote investors but also renders a huge blow to the economy.  This is where our innovative P2P social mobile application and website platform comes to the rescue.”

Some of the unique features and benefits of the InvestFar application and website platform are highlighted as follows:

  • FREE access to real estate marketplace without broker fees
  • Access to worldwide listings, accompanied by elaborate property & area analytics
  • Home valuation reports with a 3-year forecast
  • Market reports
  • User-verified international payment system which assures secure bids on homes
  • Ability to buy outright & pay in any currency
  • Legal forms that will be sent via DocuSign to complete all paperwork remotely
  • Comprehensive property management tool for efficient property management

InvestFar will also allow users to communicate and interact remotely with seasoned local investor consultants in out-of-state markets for educated investment decisions.

InvestFar will be officially launched at TechDay in Los Angeles on September 27th, 2018. For more information, please visit

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