MSP Life, an application that Monspace has been working on for a long time, is finally being launched!

Monspace Indonesia Launches MSP Life, a Shopping Guide App Made Specially for its Customers Monspace Indonesia will be having its launch event for MSP Life, a shopping guide mobile application. The event will be hosted in Medan, officiated by the CEO of Monspace Indonesia, Dato Danny. “Today is an important day. MSP Life, an application that Monspace has been working on for a long time, is finally being launched! It’s worth mentioning that with this launch, Monspace is officially on board with the global trend of consumer guide mobile apps,” said Dato Danny.

According to a report by Nielsen, since 2015, mobile phones have become the main channel for consumer shopping. In many foreign countries, retailers have launched their own iOS or Android compatible mobile apps. These apps not only display products for sale, it can also enhance the shopping experience in-stores, simplifying payment processes, and allowing better customer engagement. The integration between the online and off-line experience of brands are designed to maximise customer satisfaction. As competition between retailers become tougher over the years, corporations are launching better, more efficient shopping apps to help customers get the information they need.For example, information checking apps and loyalty reward apps are some of the most popular consumer apps.

Besides giving people reason to keep the app in their phones, this launch is also a move to enhance customer loyalty and our reputation. Global enterprises such as Starbucks, Apple, Mastercard, eBay, Amazon and more have all launched apps like these, and received great response. This app has three main strengths. Firstly, users can attain information about the latest product updates or sales, and collect loyalty points for rewards. Secondly, the shop owners themselves can maximise user growth, and thirdly our business partners can also help promote its use. “To make things as convenient as possible for customers, we have designed an app that can help them with product information and loyalty rewards,” said founder and CEO of Monspace, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai. MSP Life is a helpful shopping guide. As its name suggests, the app offers anything you might need in your daily life: food, beauty, health, electronics, hotels, and more.

Users can effortlessly find out information about products on the MSP Life app. “Users can use MSP Life to get info about products offered on Monspace Mall, and be updated with the latest news,” said Lai. Users can also find out about partnering retailers through the app, such as their location, product offerings and more. The most special thing about MSP Life is its reward system. “Users can find out about our partner retailers, and redeem rewards from them using MSP. This could be a restaurant, for example—so you can enjoy a great meal for a greater price,” explained Dato Danny.

On the launch event, Dato’ Danny thoroughly explained MSP Life’s functions, business strategy, mission, and future plans; while introducing all the partnering businesses. Certain partner retailers also set up their booths at the launch event, and attendees could use the MSP Life app at the location itself to enjoy discounts. “MSP Life is like a huge online database, helping you solve all your daily needs and hassles. We believe MSP Life will become a popular consumer guide mobile application!” said Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai.

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