Atlanta Laser Nail Specialist Talks New Laser Technology for Nail Fungus Removal

“Beautiful Laser Nails”

ATLANTA, GA – The Atlanta, Georgia area’s leading treatment center for nail fungus removal, Beautiful Laser Nails, talks about the latest laser technology to effectively treat a common nail fungus condition called onychomycosis.  

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While onychomycosis is common, treatment methods vary.  Beautiful Laser Nails asserts that the latest in laser technology, the Q-clear laser by Light Age is the gold standard in treating nail fungus.  The Q-clear laser stands apart from other laser technologies with its capability to effectively rid most nails of fungus in one treatment. The Q-clear laser works by sending pulses of light with a mid-infrared wavelength to penetrate deep into the nail.  

The laser beam targets and overheats the fungal spores destroying the fungus and halting its growth. The Q-clear laser is an optimal choice for nail fungus removal since while it is able to destroy the fungus, it only transfers a minimal amount of heat to surrounding tissue causing patients to feel a slight warming sensation making the procedure virtually painless.  Additionally, the Q-clear laser is FDA approved and has been repeatedly shown to eradicate nail fungus for over five years.

Beautiful Laser Nails is a top provider of nail fungus removal treatments and performs laser procedures at various local podiatrist practices across the South Eastern United States.  Beautiful Laser Nails’ main office is located at 275 Carpenter Dr, Atl, Ga, 30328. In addition to treating nail fungus infections, Beautiful Laser Nails also treats plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis using the Dornier High-Energy Extracorporeal Shockwave machine.

Individuals interested in learning more about the Q-clear laser technology utilized at Beautiful Laser Nails are encouraged to visit or call (770) 628-0773.

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