TargetDirect: Delivering Personalized & Relevant Mail To Customers

Direct mail is still a relevant and useful form of advertising. Data suggests that recipients of direct mail have a better brand recall when compared to a digital ad. TargetDirect is an improved form of direct mail because it combines it with big data targeting to efficiently target a relevant audience with the right message. TargetDirect is great to combine with traditional advertising to ensure your businesses ad is being seen by the right audience.

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail is still one of the best ways for businesses to advertise. Did you know that direct mail brand recall is 70% higher than digital ads and that 56% of consumers find it to be the most trustworthy form of ad? Consumers want to hear from brands they are interested in and direct mail is a great tool to efficiently deliver that message. TargetDirect by Target River, assists businesses by efficiently delivering personalized direct mail to relevant consumers interested in your brand. TargetDirect has had great success with many of our clients by generating quality leads while reducing acquisition costs.

Brand recall is higher because with direct mail because 42% of direct mail recipients read or scan their mail unlike digital ads that are sent to their inbox and may never get opened. Consumers trust direct mail ads more because all the information they need to know is on the ad and it cannot be changed on a whim. Direct mail recipients are more likely to make a purchase within the next three months after being exposed to the ad.

TargetDirect has evolved direct mail by combining it with big data targeting to efficiently deliver your businesses ad to relevant consumers interested in your brand. Our client Indian Motorcycles was hesitant in direct mail and thought that style of advertising was dead. We took their  current digital campaign and combined it with TargetDirect to show to them how effective direct mail can be. After the mail was sent out, Indian Motorcycles saw a measurable increase in consumer engagement and conversions across multiple ad platforms. Indian saw spikes in inbound calls, foot traffic and email leads thanks to TargetDirect targeting the right audience with a relevant message.

We were able to prove to Indian Motorcycles that direct mail is not dead and many other clients in other industries have seen similar results thanks to TargetDirect. To see if your industry will benefit from a TargetDirect campaign visit or give us a call for your free TargetDirect consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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