Safehold Special Risks helps insurance agents with a wide variety of specialty coverages

“\”When you need to find insurance coverage for a unique risk, you need to turn to a specialist.\”
– Heather Turner, Sales & Marketing, Safehold Special Risks”
Safehold Special Risks, a Georgia based insurance program administrator is gearing up for market expansion. Safehold prides itself in being ready for market changes, helping insurance agents be ready to process the ever changing needs of the booming US Business economy,

Carrollton, GA – Sep 26, 2018 – Safehold Special Risks, an insurance program administer with customized coverages for a wide range of businesses plans to cater to the needs of the booming US economy.

With accurate and efficient service Safehold Special Risks has a high multitude of niche markets all over the nation. From tailored policies to specialty to coverage, there isn’t a risk that can’t be covered.

The fast paced 4.2 GDP US economy is creating new demand in the specialty business insurance sector. Safehold is expanding its appetite and staffing accordingly, with a plan to stay ahead of the game, providing more programs and options for its appointed insurance agents.

About Safehold Special Risk

Safehold Special Risk, Inc. is a program administrator that specializes in providing customized coverage for a wide range of businesses. Safehold has expanded its offerings by pulling together specialty divisions and teams (nationwide) to focus on specific areas of risk.

As it expands and responds to the growing insurance needs of booming US business economy, Safehold Special Risks can offer more options and help its insurance agents manage a variety of client needs all with one source.

The company’s specialty is placing those hard to place risks for those specific insurance needs. From submission of applications to binding of the policy, agents get to work hands on with the firm’s knowledgeable staff.

Here are some of the company’s popular business insurance programs –

  1. Workers Compensation – coverage for a multitude of classes, such as retail stores, wholesale stores, restaurants, manufacturers, schools, contractors, transportation and many more.
  2. Veterinary Services  – A 50 state insurance program for all veterinary classes.
  3. Excess Flood – Available in all 50 states excluding Louisiana, eligible classes include Residential, Dwelling, Commercial, building, contents.
  4. Builders Risk – provides coverage for a wide range of new construction and renovation projects from residential single-family dwellings to complex multi-million dollar residential, commercial and institutional projects requiring layered coverage and multiple carriers.
  5. Equipment Insurance – designed to provide physical damage coverage for mobile equipment on an annual basis. Classes include –
    1. Forestry: Skidders, fellerbunchers, yarders, skycars, carriage, etc.  
    2. Wood yards: Chippers, delimbers, loaders, skid-steer loaders, etc.
    3. Agricultural: Tractors, implements, harvesters, etc.
    4. Construction: Dozers, material lifts, excavators, forklifts, pavers, stump grinders, etc.
    5. Sawmills: Log splitters, portable sawmills, conveyors, etc.

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