Brushette: Introducing a Cheaper and More Hygienic Replacement Head for Electric Toothbrushes

Innovative dental solutions provider, Brushette, aims to change the way you brush your teeth with the launch of its revolutionary replacement bristle system.

Brushette is a revolutionary California based oral care startup. Just Launched on Indiegogo they have created an award winning new product that allows you to replace the bristles on your Oral- B toothbrush.

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This has several great benefits starting with cost, existing heads cost around $10 per piece, but with a Brushette subscription you can expect to pay around $1 each. They also generate 6 times less waste than typical replacement heads and each one arrives sealed in food grade nitrogen packaging for unparalleled hygiene too.

About Brushette

Brushette is a dental startup founded by Mihran Papazian and his brother in law David. In 2013 they joined forces and developed Prodental™ as a robust dental consumer brand distributed worldwide. Brushette® is born from one vertical focused on reinventing the replacement toothbrush head and is part of a larger family mission to improve dental hygiene and make it affordable for everyone.

More information about Brushette can be found on their website.

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