David Sorensen to partner with We Rise Above the Streets Outreach in a fundraiser

Popular magician, David Sorensen, goes on stage at a fundraiser organized by not for profit, We Rise Above the Streets Outreach to raise funds for the homeless

David Sorensen is one of the few magicians that have carved a niche for themselves in the world of entertainment as performers that go all out to make their audience smile. Over the years, the popular magician has performed in different shows and events with his amazing delivery helping him steal the heart of millions of people across the U.S. and the world. He is well-known for his charitable causes, performing in fundraisers and other such events to help the needy in the community. He is again set to step on stage in collaboration with not for profit organization, We Rise Above the Streets as both parties aim to raise funds to help the homeless in the community.

Homelessness is one of the major problems facing the world as a whole and while the government and some private institutions are striving to help alleviate this problem, more still needs to be done by everyone to fix the problem. This is where We Rise Above the Streets is looking to make a difference.

The local charity was established to help the homeless by ensuring that anyone that has a need is given an opportunity to receive help. With a major focus on helping the homeless, the organization aims to bridge the gap between those with the passion to help humanity and the ones in need of assistance. Consequently, the organization goes all out to alleviate the problem of poverty, injustice, and inequality in a bid to make the society a better place for all.

One of the ways We Rise Above the Streets has adopted to get the society to support the needy is to organize fundraisers and events that benefit the host community in the form of entertainment while also contributing the cause of helping the homeless. The forthcoming event will feature David Sorensen as he treats the audience to the best of magical performances.

David Sorensen has become a household name in the magical world and attendees can only expect nothing but top-notch entertainment. The fundraiser is a win-win for everyone as attendees get to smile and have a nice time while also giving back to the society as funds raised during the event will be used to help the cause of fixing the problem of homelessness in the community.

We Rise Above the Streets is unlike many other charity organizations as it was founded by an individual that knows what it means to be homeless and out in the cold. “I was in a gang and homeless for some time and my life was filled with criminal activity. When I decided to walk away from that lifestyle, I found myself facing many hardships. One of the most challenging was homelessness. I spent many nights sleeping under bridges, eating from garbage dumps, and looking for help from any reliable source I could find.” – Alamin A. Muhammad, Syracuse NY, founder of We Rise Above the Streets Inc.

More information about the fundraiser and other events organized by We Rise Above the Streets can be found on their website.

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