Super Node Recruitment of FIS – 300 ETH for Free

The world’s first blockchain game named fish hunter(FIS) is officially starting to recruit super node. Being the node of FIS can obtain rewards of 300 ETH, minimum 30% annual revenue and some in-game rights in terms of prior investment right, prior experience right, free VIP right as well as naming right.In addition, FIS nodes make significant profit to community leader for promoting game through “fleet mode”. Meanwhile, individuals and organizations that have rich community resources can join FIS node to permanently bind users and their community and constantly increase community viscous.


At the same time, FIS freely provides high valued token asset to game players as rewards including BTC, ETH, EOS and so on, in which the total rewards pool is as much as 15,000 ETH. Users are enjoying in play competitive game while earning FIS token and other high valued token through free mining and token games.

FIS is not only a fish hunter game, but also an integrated blockchain game ecosystem comprised by game public chain, digital wallet, game scene and exchange. FishWallet supports multiple tokens to provide quick recharging and token withdraw for users. Also, in-game assets can exchange with tokens in FishEx. FishChain offers basic technology to support smart contract and FishHall provides a platform for other blockchain projects and game manufacturers to release their game on FIS, which help projects to enhance exposure and users, as well as to speed up the circulation of tokens. Therefore, the four major functions of FishChain, FishWallet, FishHall and FishEX link projects, players and FIS platform to comprise an integrated blockchain ecosystem to achieve win-win situation.

Currently, FIS is recruiting a limited number of 200 super nodes. The super node applicants of FIS need to fill out an application form and email to official email address before 30th October, 2018. Please download application form from Application result will issue on late Oct, 2018. More details please visit official website of FIS or contact with official media (Telegram:; Facebook: FIS_Global; Twitter: FIS_Global). FIS is looking forward to your participation.

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