Stockton, CA Many residents of Stockton, CA who are struggling with their debt, damaged credit, and managing their monthly budget are receiving premium and credit counseling from the professional credit advisors at Credit Advisors Council – Credit Repair Stockton. Many of the residents have reported that their financial lives have changed for the better due to the expert counseling services received.

The challenge for many San Joaquin County residents has been financial management, student loan consolidation, debt management, credit building, and even financial literacy. To get better financially, these three areas must be handled in the most professional way possible. The advent of consumer loans has also paved way for many people to get deeper into debts that have crippled their financial well-being.

In view of these predicaments, Stockton residents now have access to a top credit counseling service from the Credit Advisors Council – Credit Repair Stockton. Through their professional and expert work accomplished over the years, their company has become the most trusted source for all kind of credit-related financial services.

The credit counseling consultants listen closely to the clients to understand their current financial concerns. Based on the analysis and research made, they offer tailored, personalized and customized credit repair advice to help them solve their financial problems and build their credit. They also monitor and coach clients in the counseling session so that they can make sure all necessary actions have been taken to fix their credit and achieve their goals.

“As the exclusive member selected and chosen for Credit Advisors Council – Credit Repair Stockton, we provide additional financial consulting and debt management services in addition to consumer credit counseling. We not only give access to tools, strategies and programs to increase financial literacy and manage debt, we also show our clients how to best use these resources to each individual’s advantage,” explained Maurice Shabazz of Prodigy. “We can help set up billing plans with credit lines that offer a lower interest rate or better repayment terms, start automatic pays for common bills like your utilities, assist first time home buyers and can even refer an individual to our Stockton consumer protection lawyers who can help you put an end to debt collectors and negotiate further with creditors to resolve your debts.”

Individuals who are looking for professional counseling to combat their financial challenges and buttress their bad credit should contact their counselors for a personal credit consultation. The Credit Advisors Council – Credit Repair Stockton offers best credit repair solutions and is among the top rated Credit Repair Companies in Stockton. The following are some of the areas that their credit counselors can help consumers with:

  • Paying back your outstanding credit card debt

  • Helping to track personal individual income and spending

  • Creating customized working budgets

  • Developing better repayment plans to improve credit score

  • Setting up debt payment plans with creditors

  • Improving financial literacy

Credit Advisors Council – Credit Repair Stockton is conveniently located at 1407 W Fremont St, Stockton, CA 95203.
Contact them via phone at (209) 888-0090, or via email at For additional information, visit their official website at

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