Building Outstanding Organizational Success Together: Boost Consulting Group Announces Commencement Of Operations

Boost Consulting Group, a veteran-owned-and-operated company based in Sacramento, is proud to announce official commencement of operations. This move coincides with the company’s clientele expansion process, which, according to its representatives, predates this present announcement, seeing as Boost Consulting Group has already built an initial client base through stellar collaborations with businesses from Sacramento and across the state of California.

“After having carefully observed the evolution of California’s business sector, we decided that now was the ideal time to launch our bespoke consulting services, aiming to address each business’s needs best,” said Mr. Mario Curci, Owner, Boost Consulting Group.

“The days where businessmen navigated their next steps with regards to their business’s growth based solely on intuition are long gone. Even conventional, numbers-based approaches are now dated. Adopting a holistic plan, which takes into account all the intricate aspects of a business’s operations; human resources; financials; borrowing capacity, and, of course, its growth potential, gives a much-needed boost to all those entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level. We’re here to serve as a trusted ally to any business – be it a startup, a growth-stage company, or an established organization – through offering them the advice and support they need to succeed.”

More specifically, Boost Consulting Group offers a broad range of services which include, but are not limited to, business development; Chief Financial Officer (CFO) auxiliary support; mergers and acquisitions, and accounting. Boost Consulting Group staff carries years of experience in business and finance, having previously held key positions in top companies in their respective fields of expertise. Deeply knowledgeable and fiercely dedicated to providing excellent customer service, Boost Consulting Group strategic business advisors guide clients through the necessary steps they need to take in order to maximize their organization’s management and capital allocation efficiency, so as to ensure that an increase in profits will occur without negating productivity.

Speaking of Boost Consulting Group, a satisfied client and owner of a staffing firm, said that “Boost Consulting Group was instrumental in helping to prepare me and my business for sale. Their ability to think strategically and educate me about the process resulted in my business selling for even more than I had hoped. (…) Without Mario and Boost, I would have left a lot of money on the table during this process.”

Those interested in booking a free initial consultation with Boost Consulting Group are encouraged to contact the company at 916.708.7399, during business hours, or fill in the appropriate online form found here.

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