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27 Sep, 2018 – The Working Girl Esq. is a personal style and fashion blog site started by Preetma Singh – the stylish, smart and gorgeous lady who quit her job of a corporate attorney for serving as an interne on a fashion site. This was probably a bold move by the lady. Working Girl came up in the year 2010 with the focus being on keeping Singh’s creative side going well while she stills served as a lawyer. Singh herself admits that she was very late in setting her foot in the world of fashion blogging. However, she was hopeful of doing something exclusive and she was wildly successful in this endeavor.

At, one can find a complete showcase of the completely original and bold office-suitable style of Singh. This is basically a feat that is not easy to achieve. The posts of this fashion blog site declare the challenges that Preetma faced while making a name in the world of fashion. She says, “Other fashion bloggers do not generally work under the idea of perfection. They do not sacrifice their creativity and their personality for the sake of job security.”

This fashion blog site is about exclusive and bold fashion. It is about offering an in-depth understanding of risk-taking fashion moves. The blog posts on this site self-describe the attorney turned fashion assistant’s belief in the fact that office-suitable style should not be taken in the form of an oxymoron. Browsing through the blogs on her site will reveal that her main styles are bright prints and colors in silhouettes that are work-friendly. You will also be able to comprehend that Singh takes good care of quality irrespective of the fact that whether a certain items costs little or lot. There are blogs certifying the style that goes with the use of vintage fashion.

Matter for the blogs available at The Working Girl Esq. has necessarily been accumulated from the right sources. For her sense of fashion and trendy clothing, Singh often haunts eBay, the sample sales and even the outlet stores. If you are one of those individuals who are persistently in the look out of online style inspirations then this fashion blog site is the ultimate solution for you. This is basically an online diary where Singh shares her favorite sales, fashion finds and buys. She also shares everything from travel to beauty to fashion and décor. She loves connecting with people and sharing the beautiful journey of her fashionable life along the way.

Preetma Singh’s fashion blog site is one of the most reliable resources of fashion criticism and advice. It comes from one of the most influential faces in the fashion industry and is thus sure of covering the different facets of the industry. This fashion blog site has set itself in the form of an agenda-setter and one of the most impactful fashion-focused resources for the consumers. Through immaculate reading of the blogs on this resource, you are sure to get a bold fashion sense that will genuinely work for you.

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