Aranium Will Revolutionize Current Investing Methods

Private Equity deals is a concept that is as old as the idea of property ownership itself. Project and businesses have been bought, traded, restructured, marketed, and sold, or listed in the stock exchange for a long time. What has been going on in the past few years are the tools and techniques that are becoming available to anyone investing through digital means.

However, the barrier for anyone to participate in private equity deals is still high as it is costly to engage in a private equity professional to walk through the entire process – thus limiting the access for smaller ticket investors. Crowdfunding and angel investing became an increasingly popular source for both financing and investing parties. was founded in July 2018 to provide technological solutions by reshaping and transforming the conventional investment methods through their digital platforms. With a team of experienced developers, engineers and data scientists, Aranium is dedicated to build innovative digital platforms and deliver real values to people globally. After a year of research, Aranium decided to solidify its presence in Malaysia by developing to decentralized investment platform while merging the essence of both the blockchain and private equity industries.

Liquidity As A Real Meter In The Crypto Environment

Liquidity, as such, refers to the ability of a currency to be easily converted into cash, allowing us to analyze how quickly it can market assets. In other words, the more liquid a currency has, the more easily it can be bought and sold without affecting the stability of its price. If, on the other hand, it is more complicated for a particular asset to be made practical – it is bought or sold – it will have less liquidity.

Commodity, stock or currency markets are, for example, much more liquid than the art, real estate or antique markets. The importance of liquidity in both cryptocurrencies and other markets lies in the transparency that it gives to the behavior of the markets. Likewise, it allows to know the conditions of the different markets and determine if they are favorable or not.

For example, a liquid market offers the following specific benefits:

Better prices: when there is greater liquidity, there is also a higher number of participants and competition increases. Therefore, according to the laws of supply and demand, prices decrease.

Stability: markets with more liquidity are less vulnerable to manipulation. In an illiquid market, a single large-scale purchase-sale can enormously influence prices, causing them to be more volatile markets.

Agile transactions: a market with more participants and daily movement allows you to enter and exit quickly, something very valuable in the environment of cryptocurrency that is just beginning.

Accuracy for technical analysis: in the markets of greater liquidity the methodology of technical analysis is more useful, which analyzes the previous prices of an asset together with other graphic financial indicators since the last information is more developed and more accurate.

The liquidity of the market, like any other indicator, reflects the situation of the asset according to certain conditions. That is, the level of liquidity of the cryptocurrencies is the result of different variables that favor or affect it -such as the volume of commercialization, the number of exchange houses that support this cryptocurrency, usability, and adoption, and regulations in the different places of the world.

The Aranium Protocol

The Aranium protocol and a network of smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain overcome these limitations as it is being programmed into the system itself. Besides, it opens access to the majority of internet users, allowing anyone regardless of the budget to participate in tokenized private equity properties in a decentralized manner.

It provides leverage on the Ethereum blockchain to design a system to facilitate the establishment and rapid growth of a new global market of tokenized projects, with the primary driver coming to the incentive distribution of the currently locked in the value of liquidity premiums to market participants. To increase trust in the tokenization process of real-estate assets, the Proof of Share Certificate protocol is used to link Aranium smart contracts to the underlying projects.

Aranium Strategic Partnership

Several strategic partnerships are already under development to reach remote areas of Asia, as included in the following:

● Partnerships with banks operating in the corridors where ARA completed its beta test to ensure a successful ‘last mile’ delivery to local bank accounts, prepaid cards and other easy ways to ARAh out at a convenient location.

● Partnerships with government agencies to circulate ARA cards. As an example, in India, ARA will use Auxesis Group for the AuxLedger which has 53 Million users resulting of a State Government partnership.

● Partnering with agents running traditional MTO networks for Western Union, MoneyGram or Ria.

● Partnerships with leading global telecom companies, providing immediate opportunities to start mobile banking products.

● Partnerships with E-Commerce platforms for payment providers to increase coin utility. For example, a recent partnership has been signed up with one of the largest restaurant & pub search company in the UK.

● Partnering with crypto wallet providers to use their existing user base. Examples are branded Bitcoin wallets such as Airbitz, with whom ARA concluded a partnership.

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