Rimzer Announces To Supply Reliable Quality Ring Bobbins & Cone Bobbins At Reasonable Prices

The high quality Ring Bobbins, Cone Bobbins, Dye Tubes and related products that Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd announces to supply have their useful application in the textile machinery.

There are various kinds of plastic tubes and spare parts that are used in the textile machines. Some of these products include roving tubes, ring tubes, cone cubes, cylindrical tubes, dye cubes etc. China based Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd specializes in plastic tubes that are used in textile machines. They can also supply spare parts, such as bobbin holders, carbon fibers, roving guides, yarn separators and so on. The company employs the latest technology to manufacture each of these products that aim at improving the efficiency of machineries used in the textile industry.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they supply high quality Ring Bobbins, made from top quality PC and ABS material. Each of these bobbins is designed with precise eccentricity and tolerance that can exceed the international standards, and are suitable for use in the global textile industry. These bobbins are designed for a perfect spinning, no matter placed on a variety of surfaces, such as parallel, spiral or micro grooves. The spokesperson states that one can find bobbins suitable for manual, automatic as well as semi-automatic doffing. Available in a tape ratios ranging between 1:36 to 1:64, the bobbins can clock a massive spinning speed of 20,000 RPM or even more.

Rimzer Announces To Supply Reliable Quality Ring Bobbins & Cone Bobbins At Reasonable Prices

The company also specializes in Cone Bobbins, available in different lengths of 170mm to 290mm and with diameters between 20mm and 75mm. These cones are very reliable and offer a significant performance to increase the productivity of the textile machines. The multi-way tubes are more suitable for using fibers and cotton yarns in the textile industry. The spokesperson reveals that their cone tubes can work 20-30 times more for the fiber, while can work for several years for the cotton. The tubes are suitable for machines for different brands, such as Murata, Savio, SSM, Elitex, and other winding and twisting machines used in the textile industry.

For the better performance of the textile machines, they also produce Dye Tubes that can ensure a striking performance under different temperature and pressure conditions. They have both one-way and multi-way tubes with reasonable hole designs. The one-way tubes are made from the PP material, while the multi-way tubes are made of PP with the glass fiber. They have tubes in different sizes and in different dimensions that can be used in a wide range of machines. The tubes are with the stackable cheeses, and the compressed cheeses play a major role in increasing the productivity, while reducing the dyeing cost by 20-40%. The tubes can be used in different machines and can allow dyeing of yarns evenly.

One can check the entire range of plastic tubes and spare parts the company supplies by visiting their website http://www.rimzer.com.

About Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd

Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd focuses on varieties of plastic tubes and spare parts for textile machinery. The company’s main products areplastic tubes, like roving tubes, ring tubes, dye tubes, cone tubes, cylindrical tubes and thread spools. And also, spare parts like bobbin holders, carbon fibers, belt, roving guides, rubber blowing nozzles, bottom tensioning devices, yarn separators, false twisters, lappet hooks, bearings and so on. The products are compliant with the relevant standards and specification guidelines, such as ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 368.

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