Blockchain-based technological company AHA Health – Proactive. Preventive. Personalized.

Let us introduce AHA Health Network. It is a blockchain-based technological company that will provide a secure, incentivized, multi-faceted ecosystem in the realm of digital healthcare, as well as the patient recruitment for the pharma industry.

The system will issue its own tokens to pay for the services received or provided within the extensive menu of mutually-beneficial medical transactions. All stakeholders are allowed to earn or remunerate their tokens.

One of the main aspects of AHA Network is the sensitivity of the electronic medical records. In line with new GDPR, the blockchain can meet the requirements of strict confidentiality and non-disclosure. The blockchain-based platform will allow multiple levels of access to the medical records based on the signed time-limited incentivized contracts. Each person within the ecosystem has full right to keep the medical records confidential or share it to a chosen extent in return for tokens.

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If you want to live longer, you have to take care of your health. You know, it is better to prevent the disease than to treat it.  

I’d advise everyone to have the medical tests to know the personal risks for the most popular chronic conditions: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, so on. When you know the risks, you can take the preventive measures to improve your health.

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