The \”WIN! WIN!\” Business Approach: BOONS found how to make all shopping stakeholders happy

Since an early childhood you may have encountered how society gets you ready for a real life. ‘It’s not possible to win for everyone,’ – they said. – ‘Someone has to lose! Especially in business. Especially when it comes to money.’ – they used to say. – ‘Try to make sure you are not the one who has to lose.’ – that’s how they optimistically encouraged you to be a leader in your life, trying not to fail and looking around checking the evidences of this simple truth.

How about there is always someone who tries to accommodate everyone’s needs? Even in shopping industry? This is not charity and obviously this is not fake promises. This is making a step forward to create a society we want to live in, playing by the rules which satisfy the goals (including the business goals) of everyone.

BOONS marketplace platform is one of those who are ready to make this step. Online shopping has already become reality quite some time ago, however, the issue of lacking trust may still occur. That is why BOONS model doesn’t ask you to choose between B2B or B2C, as it is B2B2C (Business to Business to Customer), making sure that all the shopping stakeholders can coexist at one marketplace platform. That is why BOONS Business Approach is WIN! WIN!! WIN! Let us explain you why it is not just another advertising scheme.

Buyers buy products at a discounted price. Discounted at a level that allows customers enjoy the prices, lower than the average market price and definitely not requiring to spend all their savings for a dream good.

 Wholesalers & store owners sell-off products without tying money down. Real time sales to trusted people, members of BOONS ecosystem, fixed with a smart contract. Any type of the product: physical, digital, event, voucher, subscription – from fashion to electronics! Trending or recycled, old stock or even factory default. Whatever the product is, it will not tie the money down!

 Manufacturers will have the confidence to sell ready for sales items with ease. There is no more need in spending everything you earn into marketing budgets. No need to look for someone who will sell the product for you. With an advanced service, making BOONS marketplace more state of art than ever, manufacturers will be able to reach their customers right away.

 Everyone is happy, sales skyrocket, and investors have huge return on investment (ROI). We love “everyone is happy” part the most, as it explains, why BOONS invested all those time and energy into creating the platform, aiming to make sure everyone is really helpful and not stressing out about not reaching the plan. This may sound like a shopping paradise, ha?

One more important thing we have to mention is that on the 16th of July the project starts the pre-ICO, and we assume you wouldn’t want to miss it: Get ready to enter the network with BNS tokens, cheaper than at a first round of ICO, and exchange them for the goods you’ve been looking for!

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