Word Up Hats make it easy to wear a new hat every day


Word Up Hats are a complete transformation in baseball hat design.  Imagine being able to have a new hat every day.  Think of the funny phrases that can be added would add to each hat.  Or the sentimental remembrances.  What if someone could wear a simple baseball hat that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever they go? 

Our innovative design was born out of a simple idea.  Hats with funny phrases are certainly entertaining, but what do people do with the hat once the novelty has worn off?  With Word Up Hats, there are limitless ideas for the phrases that can be added.  Literally limitless.  Each set includes 72 letters, number and symbols, so there are more than 5 gazillion options (or whatever 5 with 133 zeroes behind it is…). 

Word Up Hats are constructed from a unique material that is lightweight, breathable and soft to the touch, yet it firmly grips to Velcro letters so they won’t come off, even if a bucket of water is dumped on the hat.  The best thing about Word Up Hats is that they feel just like regular baseball hats.  But they are so much more.

They come in two styles of hats, flat brimmed and curved brim, and in two different colors, tan and black.  The letters are available in five different colors: red, white, blue, neon green and neon pink.  There’s a Word Up Hat to fit everyone’s style.

The Velcro letters are glossy on the outside and super grabby on the inside.  They install and remove easily, and they have been tested to be removable hundreds of times without compromising the integrity of the construction.  They can be used over and over again.  

The 72 letters numbers and symbols include multiples of the most commonly used letters and numbers, and also include symbols like: $, %, &, *, #, @, ! and ?.

“What will you spell out on your first Word Up Hat?”

Features & Benefits

Soft-Touch Fabric: Word Up Hats look and feel just like regular baseball caps, but they are so much more.  This unique fabric sticks like glue to our letters made with Velcro hooks, until it’s time to change it up.

Removable and Reusable Velcro Letters:  Velcro hooks on one side and just enough gloss on the other side to make each custom hat look and feel premium.  These letters are engineered to strongly attach yet easily remove, and they have been tested through hundreds of applications with no loss of strength or quality.

Full-Hat Customization:  Every part of the outside of the Word Up Hat is made with our special Soft-Touch Fabric so the letters can be attached to the front, side and rear.  And funny phrases can even be put on the brim or the rear strap.  There’s no end to the customization of our Word Up Hats!

Person Expression:  Funny phrases or sentimental phrases are sure to grab attention.  When going to a Vanilla Ice concert, Word Up Hat wearers can get into it with Ice, Ice, Baby hats.  If their experience is like ours, they’ll have  dozens of people asking to take selfies with them.  We just hope they make a better choice than I did and make someone else wear the “BABY” hat!

“Put an end to boring hats –

Wear a New Hat Every Day with Word Up Hats!”

About Us

2 guys walk into a gas station, and one notices a rack of funny hats.

When he saw the “Come At Me Bro!” hat, he couldn’t resist.

It was hilarious.

For a couple of days.

Then, it lost its novelty, and this $15 hat went up on the shelf.

So, we started thinking, “what if you could design a hat that could have a different phrase every day?”  And Word Up Hats were born.  It took several rounds of prototypes to get it just right, but we finally discovered a unique fabric that makes the hat look and feel like a regular baseball cap, but it adheres to Velcro letters like magic.

Jon runs a successful product marketing firm, Harvest Growth, that specializes in television infomercials, but before founding this company, he worked as a marketing executive for OxiClean and Kraft Foods. He’s excited to finally have the chance to market his own product and has dedicated nearly a year in developing Word Up Hats and preparing to bring them to market.

We are preparing to launch on Kickstarter December 15, 2014, right before Christmas in order to capture the creativity and playfulness that’s inside everyone at any age. 


Q. How do the letters attach?

A. Attaching Word Up Letters to Word Up Hats is very simple.  Just apply the Velcro hook side of each letter to the hat surface exactly where you want it, and it sticks right away.  If you can use Velcro, then you can customize your own Word Up Hat today!  Use the center line in front of the hat to locate the middle letter, and it’s easy to center each word.   

Q. Will the letters stay attached?

A. The construction of our Word Up Letters has been perfected so they stay on all day, until you want to take them off and put on a new phrase.  We even tested pouring an entire bucket of ice cold water on my head, and as you can see in our Kickstarter video, the letters didn’t budge.  They’re not going anywhere!

Q. So, are they easy to remove?

A. Absolutely.  Word Up Letters can be pulled off instantly when it’s time for a new phrase.  The “Ice, Ice, Baby” hats are cool when you are hanging with your buddies, but when you get home to your significant other, you might want to change up the hat to read, “Julie is pretty.”  You are guaranteed to spread smiles every time you wear your Word Up Hat.

Q. How long will they last?

A. We have tested the removal and reapplication of Word Up Letters on and off of Word Up Hats hundreds of times, and our original samples still look brand new.  You’ll get hundreds of uses out of your Word Up Hats, but if you ever want to buy different colored letters or hats, you can always visit our website to stock up.

Q. Do Word Up Hats come with curved brims or flat brims?

A. Both! Right now, you can purchase black Word Up Hats with curved brims or flat brims.  At launch, our tan hats are only available with a curved brim.  But, have no fear, you can still customize your flat brimmed Word Up Hat with a wide variety of colored letters.

Q. What colors do the Word Up Letters come in?

A. You can buy Word Up Letters in the following colors:

• Red

• White

• Blue

• Neon Green

• Neon Pink 

Q. What colors do the Word Up Hats come in?

A. Just in case you’re jumping around and not reading every word of our FAQs, I’ll repeat the answer to this question.  You can buy curved brim hats in either tan or black.  At launch, our flat brimmed hats are only available in black.  When our initial funding goal on Kickstarter is exceeded, more color options will be made available.

Q.  How many letters come in each set?

A. Each set of Word Up Letters comes with 72 letters, numbers and symbols.  You’ll receive repeats of the most common letters and numbers, and you’ll also get fun symbols like $, #, @, !, ?, *, and &.  There is literally an endless number of word and phrase possibilities within each set of Word Up Letters, Numbers and Symbols.

Q. How did you come up with the name, Word Up?

A. Our founder, Jon LaClare, isn’t as young as he acts, and he remembers when the phrase, “word up” was originally used….and even when it used to be cool to use it as a greeting .  He has searched the four corners of the world for a product that he could call “Word Up” and finally found the opportunity in these unique hats.  All kidding aside, we view “Word Up” as an action, as in, “how are you going to Word Up your hat today?”

Q. Will Word Up Letters work on other hats?

A. Nope.  We’ve tried all of the traditional hat fabrics, and none of them stick to our Velcro letters, which is why we had to search far and wide before we discovered our special Soft-Touch fabric to works perfectly with our Word Up Velcro-hook Letters, Numbers and Symbols.

Q. Can I stick any other Velcro things to my Word Up Hat?

A. Absolutely.  In fact, we encourage it.  As long as you are using the hook side of Velcro (the rougher, harder side of Velcro versus the softer “loop” part of Velcro), almost anything with Velcro will stick.  Boy Scout patches work great when you outgrow your Boy Scout shirt (or Girl Scouts!).  Small colorful Velcro straps look really cool as they dangle like curly cues from your hat.  Flag football straps can be harder to reach for your competition if you attach them to your Word Up Hat, out of reach when they are chasing you.  We are always looking for more creative ideas and will continue to grow our line of add-ons and attachments.

Q. What do you mean by “hook and loop” Velcro?

A. Perhaps the best way to explain is to show you which is the hook and which is the loop side of Velcro.

Word Up Letters are manufactured with the “hook” side of Velcro, and any relatively lightweight product constructed with Velcro “hooks” will attach to Word Up Hats.

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/worduphat 

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