Rock Goddess and Upcoming Film Star Asheira Releases Highly Anticipated New Single “Sugar”

For several years, the rock music industry has watched with anticipation the rise of one of its most promising stars, Asheira.  The East Nashville local has found success with recent singles like “Riding in Cars” and “Face the Music” as well as on the silver screen, but her latest release “Sugar” will earn this hard rocking songstress new hordes of fans eager for her next artistic endeavor. “Sugar” is a rock song that displays Asheira’s dedication to the dying rock medium as well as the immense potential that this young singer still retains. Her latest song will cement Asheira’s reputation as a gifted young rocker with the potential to attain great heights in the world of music.

Asheira has demonstrated that she is the complete artist.  The sultry singer has performed across the country in New York, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, and Nashville, belting out unforgettable ballads from her storehouse of more than 500 self-written and co-written songs.  Compared to other female rock icons like Joan Jett, Asheira draws her inspiration from artists like Jack White, Led Zeppelin, and Feedback Revival while dictating her own unique course through rock music history. Despite her early success, Asheira has spoken ardently about using her success to re-ignite America’s love affair with indie and hard rock. She has even provided due credit to the Nashville music scene that helped cultivate her writing and performing talents.

In spite of her humility, Asheira has also shown that she is a multimedia talent, fully capable of a command performance before a camera.  With the lead in the soon to be released independent film “Race with the Devil” and smaller roles in the television series “Nashville”, she has shown that she is as capable an actor as she is a rocker. 

Her music video for “Sugar” also displays her innate, smoky allure that adds to the primal appeal of her song. Produced and written in partnership with Dan Fenton of Feedback Revival, her new album is also a stunning achievement for such a young rock musician.

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