From Homeless to 10K per Month: the Remarkable Story of 20-Year-Old Sebastian Robeck

Homeless for most of his life and a college dropout, 20-year-old Sebastian Robeck is now making over 10K per month on LinkedIn and offers an online training program to help others, called ‘6 Figures On LinkedIn.’

New York, NY – As a teenager, Sebastian Robeck didn’t see much of a future ahead of him. For him and his mother, homeless shelters and food banks had long since become their only means of survival. In a determined attempt to escape his life of misery, Robeck decided to put in an application for a scholarship to a private university. Much to his amazement, his application was accepted. His story was so compelling that it was picked up and aired by Fox 5 News: Teen uses homelessness as motivation for college.

Acceptance into college didn’t turn out to be the ‘happily ever after’ story that everyone had hoped for. After just five days, Robeck felt that school wasn’t for him, and he dropped out. But he wasn’t about to give up. Without any clear vision as to what he wanted to do, he pursued entrepreneurship.

“I went through an immense amount of struggle after leaving college,” recalls Robeck. “But then I discovered online marketing, and the B2B world, and I knew I’d found my niche. After a lot of trial and error I became so good at it that it seemed a natural progression for me to start offering digital marketing services to other businesses.”

Robeck discovered that the traditional advice given to digital marketers didn’t work too well, so he ended up using methods of his own devising. After a while, he realized he could help other people start their own digital marketing agencies too:

“I’ve built a full-fledged coaching and consulting business, the primary component of it being my flagship online training program called 6 Figures On LinkedIn, where I show people how to leverage the most underused platform in LinkedIn to actually build a marketing agency and make a 6-figure income.”

According to Robeck, he has helped people get their first client worth $2K per month in less than 2 weeks:

“The results I’ve been getting people have been absolutely insane,” he adds.

The training that Robeck offers on how to get started building a marketing agency is free. For more information, or to register, visit the website.

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