For Any Lawn Maintenance And Landscaping Needs, Ward’s Lawn Services And Landscaping Is Ready To Assist

A home makes its first impression through its lawn. If the house is the centerpiece, then the lawn and garden provide the highlight that greatly enhances the curb appeal of the property. For some, tending their lawn and garden is a passion. Many people spend countless hours under the scorching sun tending to each plant, planning the landscape design, installing lawn accessories just to make their lawn looking in tip-top shape. But not everyone can afford the luxury of time and energy. For anyone looking to restore, improve, or maintain the beauty of their lawn, the wise decision is to contact Ward’s Lawn Service and Landscaping.

With their years of experience, Ward’s Lawn Services has experienced numerous lawn projects like laying pathways, irrigation, and tree trimming. Their expert and skilled landscapers can handle even the hardest landscaping challenge. Their commitment to serving their customers in the community with the finest quality landscape services available in the area has set them apart from the rest. It’s of little surprise that a handful of customers have pegged them as one of the best lawn service and landscaping company in Florence, South Carolina.

One service Ward’s takes pride in is their lawn maintenance service. They are committed to make lawns beautiful the whole year round. Their years of experience at taking care of lawns have made them the leading expert at lawn maintenance in Florence. Because every lawn is different, before starting a job, they always make sure to assess the lawn and the property. They will then roll out their natural fertilizers to all the grass to establish deep roots so it can hold water and nutrients. Ward’s understands that grass is the foundation of any lawn so it’s important that they are nurtured and nourished correctly.

Ward’s Lawn Services and Landscaping can also recommend better soil if that is what’s required to make sure the plants grow abundantly, or to do minor changes around the property to make sure it seamlessly integrates into the lawn and garden. They can even recommend ideal shrubberies and plants to add to the garden to make the space even more vibrant and appealing to the family and to passersby. At Ward’s Lawn Services and Landscaping taking care of people’s lawn is their top priority.

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