Beehive Removal and Repair LLC is the Leading Phoenix Bee Removal Service Provider

Phoenix, AZ – Bees are known for their sweet and natural honey, however, they can be a disastrous pest which can wreak havoc on commercial and residential properties, as well as on the users of the property. Taking into consideration the health risks posed by bee stings, it is important to hire the services of an expert and professional bee removals service provider like Beehive Removal and Repair LLC to get the job done.

Having been in the business of bee control and bee removal for years, Beehive Removal and Repair LLC has developed an effective means of safely ridding commercial and residential properties of bees which are capable of wreaking significant havoc on residents and users. The company boasts of a team of highly trained and experienced staff who are committed to restoring balance and control to property owners in the aftermath of their services.

The spokesperson for the bee removal service provider, Beehive Removal and Repair LLC, while describing the company and the services offered said, “Beehive Removal and Repair LLC is a bee removal company based in Arizona. Aside from beehive removal, we are passionate about customer satisfaction. We offer various beehive removal services that include locating the source of your Africanized bee problem, removal of the bees, locating the actual hive, removal of the beehive, wasp nest, honey, wax comb, larva, bee repellent treatments, bee control services, general pest control, green technology pest control, and removal and repair of contaminated construction materials.”

The team of bee removal specialists at Beehive Removal and Repair LLC are trained to locate the source of the bee problem, either hives or nests, and remove all possible connections to homes and commercial areas. The team is specialized in the removal of beehives, bee nests, bees, wax, comb, honey, larva, and other contaminated construction materials.

Beehive Removal and Repair LLC offers a fast and reliable service with all professionals arriving at the client’s property within the shortest possible time frame to get the job done. Beehive Removal and Repair LLC is also a licensed, insured, and a fully bonded company that is also a member of the BBB with an A+ rating, thus, further guaranteeing the quality of their services.

To ensure that clients get the best services, Beehive Removal and Repair LLC offer professional live bee removal alternatives alongside a convenient phone scheduling to meet the busy nature of the client’s day. Offering one of the best warranties in the industry, Beehive Removal and Repair LLC is the bee removal service company to patronize.

For bee and wasp removal in Phoenix Beehive Removal and Repair LLC is located at 2848 E. Greenway Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85032. For appointment scheduling contact them via phone at (602) 434-2408. Online inquiries can be sent via email to For additional information, visit their website at

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