Creative Biostructure Enlarged Its NMR Services Capabilities Recently

Scientists in need of structure elucidation of a wide range of materials from small molecules to compounds, can now have access to Creative Biostructure’s latest version of NMR platform that offers high quality customized services ranging from production of labeled-proteins to acquisition and analysis of high-field NMR data.

NMR spectroscopy provides detailed molecular information that allows researchers have in-depth understanding of composition, chemical structure, morphology, and dynamics. NMR is particularly useful in analysis of pharmaceuticals, screening weak-binding compounds and developing into drug-like inhibitors for drug discovery.

Enlarged NMR service capabilities in Creative Biostructure include:

Compound structure determination
Chemical composition analysis
Molecular characterization
Reaction kinetics examination
Quality control
Dynamics, disorder analysis
Isotope-labeled protein production
Quantitative analysis
Drug screening and design
NMR mapping for living cells
Mapping structure of biological drugs by NMR
In vivo magnetic resonance imaging
NMR-based pharmacometabonomics
Stable isotope labeling for nucleic acids
Combining NMR and mass spectrometry for metabolomics
Combining X-ray crystallography and solution NMR data
NMR analysis for biopharmaceutical development

“To meet the rising needs, we have not only enlarged our capabilities, but also enhanced our facilities and staff with extensive experience are at service. We guarantee state-of-art instruments and rapid turnaround time. Hope we can help smoothen the research process of our customers,” said the chief marketing staff in Creative Biostructure.

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About Creative Biostructure

Creative Biostructure is specialized in providing contract services to both academia and biotech/pharmaceutical industries in the field of structural biology. We offer insightful strategies and cost-effective services on structure determination of macromolecules using X-ray Crystallography, EM, NMR, etc.

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