TUBBR launches the first of its kind Personal Social Network

Innovative social networking platform, TUBBR, makes history as “the World’s First Personal Social Network”

TUBBR is a platform that is aiming to revolutionize the concept of social networking with the creation of the first of its kind personal social network that allows users to showcase their stories and collaborate with others on things they love. The primary aim of the developers of TUBBR is to achieve the initial goal of social networking, bringing back relevance into social networks by focusing on making it as personal as possible.

The concept of social network has evolved over time with the emergence of several platforms with the promise of enhancing communication and interaction between people across the globe. However, users of different social media platforms seem to be away from the main feeds of major social networks and are subsequently embracing more intimate and smaller communities. Many of the available platforms have also failed to address the different needs of users, particularly as their generic nature makes it impossible for users to share certain moments with a particular set of audience as all stories can only be shared on one timeline regardless of their relevance to their network. This is where TUBBR is looking to change the narrative and make a huge difference in the world of social media.

TUBBR’s uniqueness comes from the ease of allowing members of the platform to create Personal spaces with their friends on their TUBBR WALLS. This makes it easy to create ‘Collaborated Timelines’ and share stories with the right set of audience as opposed to the indiscriminate sharing of content that is currently available on other platforms.

Other distinguishing features and benefits of TUBBR include easy management and control of whom to share stories with, that is, Public or Private, and the ease of creating multiple walls that give users the freedom to share a lot more stories on a specific topic and even collaborate with people of choice.

TUBBR also allows users to promote their blog, products, YouTube videos or SoundCloud tracks on each story they post using the TUBBR LinkTags.

The social network is currently available only through invites with every new user having 5 exclusive invites to bring others onboard, making them among very select people who can invite and add other people on TUBBR.

TUBBR is probably the trending Social Media App which is available on the App Store and Google Play for users of Android and iOS devices. More information about the social network can be found on their website as well as in a short video on YouTube.


TUBBR is the first personal social network co-founded by Ravi Singhal & Saurabh Uttam. Described as the World’s First Personal Social Network, TUBBR aims to bring ‘relevance’ back into social networks by providing a platform where people can share stories and collaborate with people of like minds. TUBBR can be used personally, as an influencer and to engage within communities via segregated timelines, offering more than the traditional social media platforms.

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