Homeowners and industrial supply businesses can now purchase products throughout Canada, as stresslessly as possible.

Sep 29, 2018 – Canada – Homeowners and industrial supply businesses can now order and purchase from our wide range of products easily throughout Canada.

Borescope, sometimes spelled “boroscope”, allows inspectors to examine places that are otherwise inaccessible or not viewable by the naked eye. This is made possible by a camera that is connected to an eyepiece via a relay tube, which may be flexible or rigid. 

Because of their ability to offer up-close access to these places without having to dismantle or destructure the object, borescopes are valuable tools for inspections, especially in nondestructive testing. Whether it’s rigid or flexible, borescopes give users a real-time, up-close view of vital inspection areas when it’s impossible to be physically present in that spot. When we think about the implications of such on money, resources, labor and time – not to mention, the countless accidents that can be prevented with early detection of faulty systems or structures – then borescopes transform from being mere inspection tools to dire necessities that should be invested on. When choosing which borescope to purchase, therefore, it’s not only important that their specific applications and cost be considered but also the quality of the device as a whole.

A fiberscope is typically used for remote visual inspection of the interior of areas that would otherwise not be visible. Fiberscopes are used to non-destructively inspect industrial systems and equipment for condition, manufactured parts for quality and security and law enforcement for contraband, intelligence, and safety.

Common Inspections Include internal viewing of: 

Impellers, Surgical and medical components, Turbine blades, Internal Combustion Engines, Gearboxes, Welds, Cast Parts, Manufactured or machined parts

Technology: Coherent image guide: The image quality or resolution is dependent on the number of pixels in the fiberscope image guide. Typically, a larger diameter fiberscope will have more pixels

A leached fiber optic image guide will have the advantages of greater flexibility, however, are not available in fiberscope instruments smaller than 2.4mm.

Quartz fiber optic image guide: Fiberscopes made with a quartz image guide are available in smaller diameters and can also transmit ultraviolet light.

CCD Cameras: Fiberscopes are typically connected to a CCD camera to display the image on an external display or PC and allow recording of the inspection.

Light Sources: A fiberscope requires external illumination to highlight the area being inspected. Several technologies are available including Halogen, Xenon, Solarc® and LED light sources. Each has a specific price and performance advantages. Their products are used to maintain equipment’s in a wide range of industries, ensuring minimal downtime, maximum service life, and dependable operation.

After serving over 38 countries worldwide, as an online supplier of industrial inspection devices, the Company has decided to create a branch in Canada, to serve you better. All of their types of equipment are now available throughout Canada. They look forward to doing business with all their existing Canadian customers, as well as their new customers. Their products and accessories, provide users with the peace of mind that comes from being able to truly see what is wrong while saving them from the money and time wasted for unnecessary disassembly and reconstruction.

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Fibroscope.NET is a division of MEDIT. Inc. and a company growing rapidly as suppliers of Industrial Inspection devices, all over the world. They have recorded an annual growth rate of over 20% over the past years, and are dedicated to providing Homeowners and Industrial supply businesses with the best quality products for inspection purposes at the best possible prices.

They are proud of the millions of positive feedback and reviews they have received over the years. Their products have had very positive social and environmental impacts and have served their customers properly. Thousands of customers, now trust Fiberscope.NET to help keep their machinery running smoothly, water flowing, pipelines operating safely, and to ensure that their airplanes stay aloft. Another of their laudable achievement is their consistent provision of help to needy people around the globe via their monthly sponsorship of the Christian Aid Ministry.

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