Get Ready To Discover The Elements and Importance of HIFU

Have an aging skin? A sagging skin that makes your eyes look excocted and deforms your face contours at the neck or chin? High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a face treatment that does involve surgery but ultrasound to lift muscles and tighten loose skin. If you fear the knife when you think if going for surgery then this is a better deal. HIFU areas of treatment are; chins, neck, stomach, stretch marks, bows and the forehead.

Despite HIFU ultrasound energy is not invasive to create low heat at the target area of the skin; which stimulates the body cells to release collagen and rejuvenate the body tissues. With only one round of treatment, it makes the skin that is already mature to start working more once more; resulting in more smooth, bright and firm skin after some days. It will make your eyes open, lift your brows decrease pores and soften the fine lines than before. After treatment one can take up to 12 months or more depending on the condition of the year to have a young fresh collagen again.

Additionally, HIFU has a very unique procedure. Its one of the only treatments that are non-intrusive that target the skins’ deep foundation without interfering or tampering with the skins’ surface. Also, it’s one of the few procedures that use imaging of ultrasound, which enables the doctor to view the tissue layers that they are focusing on to treat and depositing the energy to its most effective site.

While HIFU is different from all other lasers, in that lasers deal with the skins’ superficial layers while HIFU deals with the layers of the skin that are deep, it is also very safe for your skin; ultrasound has been proved by scientists to have a good track record having been used for over 40 years. Although HIFU patients may have some few redness for about one hour after treatment, some few patients may experience slight swelling and tenderness when touched as a side effect, they are just temporary for some minutes. Also, patients may have muscle sore but it disappears with a very small period of time.

However, CLINICZ has a very exclusive technology – “Shuiyuan symbiosis”. It’s a three in one technology; one treatment, double lift and three steps young. The technology has a long-lasting collagen activation, reshapes contours and the texture of the skin and has the effect of contour pull-out making more better compared to HIFU.

Valuing your time, the course of treatment can be made together with the layer and activation of the plastic layer deep below the cells of the skin, the synchronized lifting of the skin and the contour taking only 90 minutes and its offer. Your aging skin will be made tight, look smooth and shiny and the skin large pore is reduced hence solving your problems fully.

The whole process is painless and no period needed for recovery as your skin returns to normality immediately. The three steps keep you young! This is just a review of what CLINICZ has for you, for more and extensive information visit:

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