Smart Coffee: the world’s first smartphone that brews coffee

Smart Coffee
Gianclaudio Purgatorio and his two partners, Purgatorio Alessandro and Galasso Vito, of Italy has created a mobile device that brews fresh coffee and provides a social network, too.

Italian entrepreneur Gianclaudio Purgatorio has managed to combine two things that most adults simply can’t live without.

Coffee and a smartphone.

It’s Smart Coffee, the world’s first mobile device that actually prepares a cup of coffee in 90 seconds. Not only that but Smart Coffee enables the user to chat with friends and share audio, video, photos and messages.

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“We have combined the physical, psychic need of coffee and the relationship with the social network,” said Purgatorio. “It’s the first device in the world that prepares you a cup of coffee and you helps you communicate.”

Smart Coffee is designed for use with smartphones and tablets. It’s easy to use and can be programmed to brew a cup of coffee at a designated time. Like when you wake up, for instance.

Here’s how it works: A capsule (about 11 cm long and 2 cm wide) is inserted into the device Smart Coffee for smartphone. Following verbal prompts from the Smart Coffee app, the user presses the “Prepare coffee” button on the screen to start the brewing process. The app will signal the user when the coffee is ready. 

You can drink the coffee from the capsule or pour into a cup. It’s available as black coffee or espresso. The Smart Coffee unit is also a protective cover and a battery-charger for the smartphone or tablet.

Smart Coffee is patented and trademarked, and has working prototypes. An additional $100,000 in funding is needed for materials, manufacturing and marketing. In order to generate this capital, Purgatorio has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at:–2

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $20, backers will receive a Smart Coffee T-shirt. A $40 donation is rewarded with a Smart Coffee device for smartphone or tablet and 30 coffee capsules.

“Now you can drink fresh-brewed coffee anywhere and anytime,” Purgatorio. “It’s compact, easy to use and the coffee can be ready in just 90 seconds. What could be better?”

Future plans include adding different coffee flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, ginseng and a dash of liqueur.

For additional information, visit–2; the Smart Coffee website,; or the Smart Coffee Facebook page,

Purgatorio can be reached directly at

Smart Coffee
Smart Coffee

Smart Coffee - Espresso or Black Coffee available.
Smart Coffee – Espresso or Black Coffee available.

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