New Todd Rundgren Documentary “Todd Who?” Will Explore the Unfulfilled Potential of the Veteran Musician

Todd Rundgren has long been one of the most underappreciated musicians of his generation, with major achievements like gold albums and widespread commercial success, but he has never attained the superstardom that others have.  Needless to say his unfulfilled potential has frustrated some of his fans including documentary filmmaker Gavin Bond, who is developing a new film about Todd Rundgren entitled “Todd Who?”.  The film will also document Gavin’s three decades long obsession with the musician.

The short documentary that Gavin and partner Ian Ambercromby have already produced has included interviews with the rock star as well as many of his contemporaries and admirers from throughout the music world like Paul Shaffer, Davey Lane, Todd Hunter and Molly Meldrum.  Also included are many historical and archival segments. “Todd Who?” has already been featured at a number of U.S. and Australian film festivals and has won awards including “Best Short Music Documentary” and “Best Documentary.”

Gavin and Ian have invested their own funds in the creation of “Todd Who?” but they would like to expand the scope of the film to make it into a full feature length documentary.  In order to make this possible, they will need $35,000 to hire a cinematographer, conduct additional interviews and complete post production.  To raise these funds, the team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.  In return for supporting this important project, backers may receive valuable perks like film downloads, film credits, or tickets to the film debut. 

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