Pearl Distributors Announces An In-Depth Guide To Choosing Pearls

Pearl Distributors believes that consumers make informed decisions only when they understand the nature of the pearls and pearl jewelry they purchase.

Pearl Distributors, a leading distributor of Ayoka pearls and Tahitian pearls in the U.S., U.K and Canada, recently developed a comprehensive guide to help customers learn how to select pearls. The guide covers the various types of pearls as well as their differences. The five-step guide provides details on the types of pearls, sizes, uses, quality and much more.

“Purchasing Pearls is a lot more involved than walking into the store and picking up a piece of jewelry,” says Miriam Reed, Pearl Distributors’ Sales Manager. “Sure, you can purchase a pearl necklace on sale at a jewelry store, but knowing what you purchase helps you determine whether you’re getting good value for your money, and helps you know what other options are out there. It means you’ll be happier with the purchase, and know how to take care of your precious pearls. If you buy online it is even more important to know what to look for to make sure you get quality pearls. This is why we created such a comprehensive guide to buying pearls and pearl jewelry. We’ve shared information on the size and types of pearls as well as cost and how the type of pearl determines cost. Readers will also learn what type pearl to purchase based on the individual and the occasion. We also discuss grades; not all pearls are created equal. Some manufacturers use poor quality pearls to create jewelry and that shouldn’t be. If you’re buying pearls, you should ask about the grade and pay accordingly. We hope that the guide will truly benefit anyone who plans to purchase pearl jewelry; whether they purchase from us or somewhere else.

South sea pearl earrings are luxury items that are popular for anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions. Prices range from $400 to $15,000 depending on the size of the pearl and other factors. A South sea pearl necklace is another statement piece that most women dream of owning. With the holiday season around the corner, consumers can give the gift of classic white Freshwater pearls as they’re affordable and easy to care for. Another slightly more extravagant option is an Akoya pearl necklace for a connosseur or for someone who already owns freshwater pearls. The buying guide shares everything on how to buy pearls, so ultimately, consumers would be happy with their purchase once they review the information.

Alfred G. from Toronto, Canada used the guide and is a satisfied customer, “I just wanted to say how happy I am overall with you and your business. My purchase experience through was better than any retail experience I had in purchasing pearl earrings for my girlfriend. I can’t believe how painless the final purchase process was. I submitted the order last night, and this morning without any hassles whatsoever, I received these gorgeous pearl earrings exactly as I had imagined. The quality and value far exceeds that which I received from a high end national jewelry chain. I will be recommending your site to anyone I know who is considering purchasing any pearls. Thanks Again!”

Visit Pearl Distributors online to review the expert pearl buying guide.

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