France Ménage’s Insured Femme de Ménage Services Protects Homes and Businesses

France Ménage, a reputable cleaning company known for their affordable services in several territories around France, adds multi-risk insurance to protect homes and businesses.

Residential and commercial customers can now rest assured that the company’s multi-risk insurance will cover accidents, theft, fire, breakdowns and other incidents. For more than five years, the company has been serving customers in more than 15 regions across the nation. Their commitment to quality is evident in the professional femme de ménage service, dedication, commitment to getting the job done, staff training and now the multi-risk insurance that protects customers’ homes, businesses and other valuables.

“Our duty is to treat every customer with the same care and devotion,” says Mike Miller, the Customer Service Manager. “Our customers’ homes are their pride and joy, so we promise to treat them as such. That means training our maids and housemen, conducting thorough background screening and checking references and keeping our insurance up-to-date to provide protection in case the unexpected happens. What’s more, our insurance covers repeat customers as well as customers who contact us for a quick, one-time service.”

With so many ménage cleaning services to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult for homeowners to make the right decision. France Ménage offers a host of professional services including help with house cleaning, complete overhauls, full-time or part-time femme de ménage, house staff, ironing, carpet cleaning, window washing, vacuuming, furniture polishing, pet cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen and bathrooms.More crucial than the professional services is the men and women who provide the service. Theft, vandalism, unwelcome house guests, shoddy work and neglect are very real issues in the house cleaning industry. France Ménage takes decided steps to mitigate such issues, so customers can rest assured when they request service at their home or office.

Candy Bergman has been using France Ménage’s services for more than two years, “I don’t know what I would do without this company. I requested a femme de ménage, based on a friend’s recommendation, to test the service. The rest is history. I eventually arranged regular visits by setting up a monthly service where the maid would come to my home on a set schedule. Sadly, my maid moved to another area but the company quickly arranged a new person and my old maid ensured a smooth transition, so it did not affect my family.”

France Ménage takes pride in the reputation they’ve built. Check them online learn about their professional and affordable femme de ménage.

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