The Blastos Micro-Investment Platform Allows Anyone To Purchase Farmland and Derive Revenue

Among the most precious commodities in the world is land, and some of the most desirable is rich farmland which can produce voluminous quantities of foodstuffs or other products.  Many consumers would like to own farmland, but dismiss the idea due to issues of management, taxation or lack of farming expertise. A new crowdfunding platform known as Blastos allows potential farm owners to sidestep all of these issues and easily enter the world of farmland ownership. 

Blastos offers investors parcels of land in 100 square meter units around the world, at a mere rate of $3.50 per square meter.  From anywhere in the world, investors can purchase a lot with a single mouse click. The company surveys and seeds projects like its rubber plantation in Retalhuleu, Guatemala, and allows investors to buy portions of a plantation.  Blastos takes care of all of the legal and tax issues; it also hires regional agricultural leaders to supervise the farming and sale of crops.  As owners, investors will receive their share of the profits every three months. Investors also have the right to visit or sell their land at any time.

Using the World Wide Web as a tool to help agricultural communities partner with interested investors, Blastos is helping improve the lives of farmers around the world.  In addition to mutually benefiting both parties, Blastos also is committed to improving the environment by supporting reforestation.

The Blastos platform is a highly promising concept that requires an initial infusion of funds.  The Blastos team estimates that it will require $70,000 to launch the system. To raise these funds, they have sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.  In return for contributing to this important project, backers may receive perks like T-shirts, coffee packs, hand-carved wood, or farm land.

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